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  1. why record the engine with the hood open. It sounds awful.

  2. This again confirms my choice to drive Porsches… since 1972

  3. Beautiful car but the color seems to scream "Please give me a ticket!" But as the saying goes, de gustibus non disputandem.

  4. Love the D90s (looks like your "smile" needs some attention.)  Cheers.

  5. Beautiful classic 911.The sound is amazing.I love the typical sound of Porsche

  6. Your videos are best

  7. Nice


  9. Nice 964. I prefer the cup style wheels but nice nonetheless. Noticed that the OIL pressure gauge is pegged at 5 all the time even when rev at 3000 RPM. I suspect it’s not working?

  10. My favorite iteration of the 911

  11. Not sure why people prefer the 1985-1988 models over the more refined, faster, better steering and better safety featured 964?  Even the Tiptronic was an incredibly complex innovation for sports cars and had 3 options (normal, switch it into a "secret" 5 mode zone or the 1-4 up/down manual shifter).  While 6.5 seconds seems slow for a Porsche automatic, this was 27 years ago and it really is not all that slow compared to an Audi A5 which today gets to 60 mph in about 5.3 seconds.  The automatic convertible top was a huge innovation as well and very expensive to create.  With 87 changes for the 964, it proves, at least to me, as the most refined version of the LAST 911.  The rest no longer look remotely like the 911 when introduced so I do not even consider them 911’s.

  12. Beaut 964!

  13. i have a 90 c2..nice vid…excellent cars….

  14. cool vid. I just finished a absolute complete renovation in my 993c2 and finally bought a964. my friend/mechanic took the motor transy out in like 31 min by himself lol. I went to buy food came back and it was out. damm amazing mechanic. half way done in upholstery and already dissected the engine. here to renovate a Porsche it’s much sheaper. amazing paint job for$2000 sometimes. find yourself a cool honest Porsche mechanic then buy one. cheers

  15. Perfect review!!

  16. It seems you are running low on oil. Nice 964 911.

  17. Great Carrera 4 ! Awesome complete video. Thanks !

  18. YESSSSS. You can’t buy love and you can’t buy an (new) air-cooled Porsche anymore Have owned a 1984 Targa Carrera, 964 C2 America (I kick myself for selling that one but needed the $), and a 1996 C4S…loved them all. Latest is a 964 (C2) with an AIR (what Porsche used on race cars in the states in the 70’s) 1974 RSR body kit (white) with blue Kinesis wheels. Car is in Phoenix @ Patrick Motorsports having close ration 993 six speed and twin turbo motor put in. I WILL NOT SELL THIS ONE…EVER.

  19. Damn those roads are decidedly 3rd world! Where are your tax dollars and council rates going? Not the roads for sure… 🙁

  20. I am a 1985 944 "survivor’ driver and can appreciate the classic lines of the Porsche.

  21. Is that a tiptronic or manual some say the tiptronic for the beginner lets you focus more on driving which this car requires a lot of.

  22. You have great taste in cars, and you are local! I could tell within the first few seconds.
    Keep it up!

  23. Very nice example of a well taken care of car; especially with 115k miles.

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