The Porsche 911 GT3 – Feast for the Senses

The man responsible for the team that developed the new GT3, Andreas Preuninger, describes what makes the new model so special for the driver.
*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5: 12.4l/100km, CO2 emission: 289 g/km

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  1. too bad it lights on fire…

  2. They had to cut that last shot off early because it caught fire 😀 … but seriously I love this car! 

  3. Great video. Chills the whole time.

  4. Excellent command of the English language. Wish I could speak German half as good

  5. Every one who considered absence of a manual trans as a disaster said that they just didn’t miss the manual shifting after they drove one. I think the PDK is so fast that it just makes to like it. Have to drive one to know it.

  6. Am I just the only one who watch this video almost every day? 😀 O:)

  7. Ich finde das immer wieder lustig wenn man seine Heimat in einem Porsche Film sieht 😀

  8. This,this,this,this………this

  9. I’m in love.

  10. I want this car

  11. That’s a "hot" car, right? 🙂

  12. This video explains why I will always love cars and why the new GT3 is simply the best all round drivers car.

  13. Andreas Preuninger is the Steve Jobs of cars

  14. why I am poor, why…?

  15. Leute, macht die Videos doch einfach auf deutsch und mit Untertiteln.

  16. I am a proud american. The 911 would DESTROY the vette. Lol

  17. Petrolicious-ish

  18. First car I’d buy if I had a disposable income. Followed by a 997 4.0

  19. I’d still buy a 4.0GT3RS 

  20. Great video, great editing. A feast for my eyes!

  21. "It’s not so much about pure raw speed. It has this puristic, rewarding, emotional driving experience that feeds your senses."

    GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE!  He gets it and his GT3 will get my money*

    *as soon as I can afford it :/

  22. Wow! I’m getting very emotional by this video! Best 911 ever!!

  23. 3 minutes 19 seconds of the best sex you ever had.

  24. im a ferrari lover but there is something about Porsche that is so amazing

  25. lol @ technology haters aka PDK haters. if it were up to you guys, we would still have carbs, with a manual choke haha

  26. Amazing shots and emotion in the video!

  27. To everyone saying that the PDK is the wrong choice and doesn’t offer an emotional driving experience, go and test one and come back saying the same thing. I dare you. The PDK allows you to get attached to the engine; the manual wouldn’t let you tap in to all the performance the car offers. Unlike the GTR, they’ve refined this weapon to have such amazing chassis and engine feel that the manual simply wouldn’t allow you to be connected on the same level as the PDK.

  28. Love it but this is kind of like a commercial

  29. "The human being is full of sensors and these sensors have to be SATISFIED by information the car feeds…"
    Dear Andreas, i’m a fan.

  30. 1:27 best Moment!!!  omg


  32. This engine needs a manual box..Maby singer 911 can do it??

  33. Beautiful car. But I prefer the GT2 RS to drive…… IF I HAD ONE

  34. Does Porsche offer a matching fire extinguisher with this GT3 model??

  35. Liked before watching

  36. Although it is a marketing spin, I can’t deny this is a well scripted and executed video. Music score is tense.

  37. "The last car will be a sports car on Earth" That gave me chills.

  38. This is beyond anything i have ever seen. Amazing job! 

  39. What is the name of the score/sound track please? And where does it come from

  40. This is a long shot but anybody know the audio in the very beginning?

  41. I suppose FIRE is one of the senses!

  42. No manual!!! That’s the whole point of a gt3 how could you make one without even the option it’s a travesty to the Porsche brand, goes to show the only people who can afford these cars anymore are old men with bad knees who can’t shift themselves, No Manual in a Porsche GT3 !!! What is this world coming to

  43. Best sports car ever made. They see us revvin, they be h8n.

  44. Someday Porsche….someday…wait for me.

  45. A pre fire model, nice

  46. A four wheel work of art.  Anyone who would use the word Corvette in the same vernacular is simply clueless.

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  48. Miss my 996 GT3…

  49. Andreas Preuninger is a God!

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