The Science of Speed: 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS

With 620 horsepower, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is a handful to drive. We trained our high speed video cameras on the GT2 RS as it takes a high speed corner to analyze the science of the most powerful 911’s speed.

Read the full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/features/performance/1112_the_science_of_speed/

Shot by: Jim Gleason
Edited by: Jim Gleason

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  1. My all time favorite car!!!!!!!!!

  2. car of my dreams

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  5. I can’t await the new one!

  6. 56 people spun at the high speed corner

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  8. I am American and I love America, but when it comes to cars you are as fucking dumb as a hybrid car.

  9. Great video. Awesome car.

  10. Magic of weight distribution and rear g ratio. But those things make GT2RS stupider. Because GTR still beat it on some tracks like Nurburgring.

  11. because less tread flex

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  14. 991 GT3 RS based GT2 RS would be sweet.

  15. This type of guy. Come on please make this easy for all of us.The Corvette ZR1 will eat the "Nissan GTR" on the street’s and on the tracks. Just look at the lap time’s on the Nürburgring : the ZR1 beat’s the GTR and the 911 GT2-RS. the zr1 time is 7:19 sec the 911 gt2-rs is 7:24 sec and the Nissan gtr time is 7:24.22 seconds. come on guys the zr1 is simply one of the best supercars in the world. also stop hate’in on american cars. ”’ That’s What She Said 😀

  16. at this moment is the most powerful 911 Porsche have ever made

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  22. In layman’s term, it is still a Porsche 911 with the engine in the back. And since day 1, it is slow-in then fast-out. Maybe modern technology allowed the suspension greater entry speed than 911s of old, however, these modern reiterations are still heavier compared to them.

  23. What impresses me is that Porsche has kept the 911 at the front of the performance car pack since 1963. Yes, the Corvette has been around 10 years longer, but it has been through 7 complete changes. The 911 has been refined steadily and retains it’s basic layout. I do have a problem with a $200k+ 911 though. It’s gotten too heavy and too expensive.

  24. I can afford these cars idiot. Clearly you cant with that pos in your avatar.

  25. False idiot
    GTR 7:18.6
    GT2 7:18


  27. I just watched a video, where a newer 911 turbo s, barely beat a newer gt-r in a quarter mile. It also barely beat it, from 0-60..YES, I KNOW, the gt-r is quicker w/a great launch. I’m pretty sure that the gt-2R is a bit quicker, and a better handling car around a track, than a turbo s, So, if the ZR1, is quicker than a GT2R, around nurburgring, it must be one hell of a car..The NEW Turbo s, is 2 tenths of a second quicker than a ZR1, from 0-60. ZR1–3.3, and turbo s–3.1..:):):)

  28. Funny how the writer’s took the "this is probably your first car" approach to explaining everything.  I suppose that’s who is watching though.

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  30. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup PS2 tires are the best racing tires!!!!

  31. Engine over the back achsle gives the car more grip at the corner exit! It’s never been a disadvantage, if it had been Porsche wouldn’t have stuck to this design principle! 911s have always been about "slow in, fast out".

  32. like everyone is saying, GTR is the king of kings!
    Nismo gt3 kills everything Porsche has made.
    Even beats the lap time of the so called 918.
    old gt2rs cars don’t even stand a chance lol

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  37. GT3RS even quicker…on some tracks.

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  40. there are only some cars that are better then this on the track #1 Gumpert Apollo #2 Corvette ZR1 #3 Dodge Viper Srt-10 ACR and last Nissan’s GTR

  41. And makes me ashamed I am….

  42. Dear Motortrend,
    Bring The Science of Speed BACK!

  43. Audi R8 GT cough cough…. Merc SLS cough cough…Gallardo cough cough GT-R cough cough……audi RS6 Evo tech cough cough……

  44. I just saw one of these at my dealership and it looks amazing in person. Love that it’s manual only

  45. interesting bit of information.. the GT2 is an animal, but I’d still take the new GT3 instead.

  46. The tween turbo system hate high temperatures!! It would have been even faster if you had driven it in a could country!

  47. Go check again, the GT-R and GT2 RS is faster than the ZR1 around the Nurburgring.

  48. Well done.

  49. What an insane car. Praying Porsche will make a 991 GT2

  50. Why does the thin tread depth make the nose responsive?

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