The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy drives the Peel P50, the world’s smallest production car to work at the BBC and meets a few famous faces along the way.

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  1. TTThis is theee niceist movie i ever see!!! I advise everybody to watch it 🙂 https://twitter.com/2b325b39a6ad4fdb6/status/824453173783900163

  2. U need to get an actual little kids car like this one and try and make it drive

  3. My 6th grade teacher had a bubble car with a 45 rpm portable record player installed

  4. That camber on the front means it probably corners better than an F1 car lmao

  5. O look a chair on wheels

  6. I want a P50 off santa 🎅

  7. ‘how to reduce the carbon footprint of our ethnically diverse disability access policy for single parent mothers.’

  8. "Ls swap it"

  9. shame such amazing tech is used to kill people, and animals.

  10. why dont people make some more i want 1

  11. I need one when society collapses

  12. Segway of the 19 hundreds

  13. If someone would come up and reproduce these, i would definetly get one. Perfect for city driving, low fuel cost, no parking problems. But they must have an acceptable price. Maximum 2000 Euro. But i guess in modern EU standarts it wouldnt work, cause it would need low emission, ESP, ABS, tirepressure control and so on.

  14. 6:11 Best part starts

  15. I want someone to buy one of these and put an electric engine in it, see what it can do

  16. " she does have quite a nice bottom doesn’t she"

  17. Perfect car for driving down the wrong side of the freeway.

  18. I really wish that had a reverse gear though

  19. XD

  20. & now these days you can just use a Razor Crazy Cart

  21. that’s some real camber

  22. #cambergang

  23. Reverse gear could be added easily by cutting a hole in the floor; a footsized hole which would also act as an emergency braking system. I recommend that you look at the technical specifications used for The Flintstones television show.

  24. i need this

  25. Funny how it was built in the Isle of Man, when they go really really fast on motorcycles there.

  26. being a Yank i had to look up many references. they didn’t show Fiona’s bottom, so i couldn’t tell if it was nice. thanks for posting.

  27. cant belive that was caught live…… i think it was live..

  28. This is like a supermarket shopping toy car!

  29. an English man traveling around in a a small blue box?

  30. Great to see Clarkson not assaulting any of his staff!

  31. 6:00 she has got quite a nice bottom hahahah 😀

  32. 7:54

  33. dfffff

  34. Great family car

    …for orphans

  35. *I hear that the original three, plus Needell and the bird, will be appearing on the Top Gear Christmas special, 2017.*

  36. 오우 맨

  37. I want one 😂

  38. small cars suck, get a truck or SUV

  39. since the thing is smaller than a motorcycle can you lane split it?

  40. That thing looks so fun to drive

  41. ls swap

  42. I think this car should make a comeback but made it electric…

  43. I want this car

    Just because its god damn hilarious


  45. May’s hair. May’s hair.

  46. Amaizingggggggggggggggggg jajajajaj <x<x<x

  47. I need a modern redesign of this car.

  48. I need one.. I would NEVER EVER EVER have to get out unless I need to shower or to go to the toilet. I could do my homework in it and eat in it. So, you may call it hell I call it heaven 💙💙👌😇

  49. And now there is P45

  50. zajebiste autko

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