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  1. whether or not you’re for going green, this is still a great song

  2. I didn’t pass 00:11. 🙁


  4. You said it was pointless. In fact it isn’t, because as I’ve shown it’s a huge improvement in terms of emissions over driving existing gas fueled cars. There’s no such thing as a perfect solution, so if we wait for that, we’ll be waiting forever. There’s only better and worse, and electric cars are better for the environment than what we drive now.

  5. this song is cetchy

  6. so serious "what color"

  7. My point is….? Stop blaming that song in which they mentioned Hydrogen cars?
    Not gonna happen, wouldn’t be prudent.

  8. This honestly reminds me of Little Big Planet

  9. That would be a neat classroom activity; for elementary school that is;making a model of the cardboard car from the video; along with a writing prompt activity. May as well make an entire lesson plan on the subject of electric cars

  10. Trippy as fuck but still liked it.

  11. The pointlessness I am referring to is that it is car that is run on coal and advocates a "green" lifestyle. Many people feel entitled to own a car even when there are other alternatives to driving such as walking and riding on public transportation. You said there is only better and worse, not using a car is better than both for the environment.

  12. Coal is needed to make electricity, and many of it is lost over power lines, so more coal is burned, so it is basically a coal-powered car.

  13. When this first came out, it annoyed the crap out of me.

  14. Why? Electric motors are 90% efficient at turning stored energy into wheel motion, where a gas engine is only 15% efficient, wasting most of the energy in gasoline as heat.

    Because an electric car consumes so much less energy per mile driven, it incurs that much less pollution. On top of this, our grid is less than half coal, and less than 70% fossil fuels in total. Even without the efficiency advantage, this is already better than a gas car, which runs 100% on fossil fuels.

  15. If only I could afford one!

  16. This is my fave song


  18. Needs more accordion. Smiles.

  19. is it me or electric cars are more damaging to the environment because of  the batteries 

  20. No matter what kind of car you use you use oil in the car from the tires to the plastic body and so you are gonna ruin the environment indirectly weither its from somebody else or from the company making the car. Lol

  21. This is one of the songs my chem teacher would play as we walked into class

  22. I’m a 20-year-old Volt owner and this shall be my intro to electric cars for my children.

  23. Burning oil is what releases the carbon into the atmosphere.

    Turning it into plastic does not.

  24. Right now all electric cars are powered with Coal or other fossil fuels it is kinda pointless really.

  25. I could probably make a model out to of actual cardboard and sewing buttons and stuff

  26. No, I didn’t forget that. Read the MIT study, it includes powerplant and transmission efficiency in the calculations.

  27. eh, doesn’t make me like this song any less! 😛

  28. I love this song. Really hilariously.

  29. LOve this song c:

  30. The dog in the video resembles Snoopy from the Peanuts by Schulz comics.

  31. Cute. I love all of there music

  32. This is hilariously

  33. I’m surprised Nissan or Tesla hasn’t licensed this song for their electric car commercials.

  34. The coal is still burned and there is still energy loss when it is burned to create the stored energy. I am not advocating that we should quit using electric cars just that not all electric is clean.

  35. 3:30 Solar Freakin’ Roadways? o_o

  36. Stupid

  37. anonbutt – you are forgetting that the efficiency rating for EV only applies to the EV itself. You also have to include the efficiency of power generation methodology to do a legitimate comparison. Not to mention the efficiency loss of distributing the energy miles from it’s source of generation. There’s a bit more to the equation.

  38. Those 5th grade flashbacks are coming back

  39. got your BEHVIOUR ADJUSTMNT RIGHT HERE any colour you like ")

    Oh yes those young chaps from the black sea with the jules verne thing. nice steampunk ya got there

  40. solar buddy, this comment makes me think you still have an ice vehicle, why don’t you test drive a leaf?

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  42. I’m still singing this song and I’m 10. Is that wierd?

  43. I love my leaf too!

  44. Song name?

  45. Those kids seem to young to be driving.
    Anyways… I love this song!

  46. best song ever

  47. Looks like you made the OP delete his comment 😛

  48. I am gonig to download this jsut to play it in the Leaf!

  49. Tony, buddy. You’re a faggot! 😉

  50. i love my lincoln with 8.0 litre engine….just kiddin i don´t have a car 🙁 i walk to school

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