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  1. How is this not a commercial?

  2. where do you plug it in??

  3. Adorable

  4. Beutiful music for babies

  5. This is linked to my science teachers website :D.


  7. *

  8. Fantastic movie. Pleasant to see it

  9. It would be cool if Tesla used this in a commercial.

  10. Could be an ad for Tesla motors xD

  11. This is cute.

  12. Ok I like this song now

  13. I love the video o just hate the song because not everyone needs an electric car.

  14. love this song fills me with hope

  15. What is this? It’s a very strange song about an electric car.. Who needs one?

  16. How can you deny an Electric Car

  17. @MecabreMenace I love your comment

  18. such an adorable video

  19. the oil tyrants most hated song. but seriously who wants to take a ride in my water car. 

  20. My kids(and me) love the whole Science is real dvd/cd set-I got it for my birthday last year-love them!

  21. Oh my god the nostalgia

  22. This was a beautiful video. I’d like to have an electric car, but they’re just so expensive.

  23. Crap, my 1971 lincoln was idling the whole time I was listening to the song. Sorry, folks.

  24. It’s all good until you have to spent several hours waiting for the car to recharge. 😛

  25. Atomic Cat….

  26. Thats alot of cojones. Epic TMBG as usual.

  27. @MecabreMenace they are they might be giants they can do what ever they want

  28. I believe the more accurate question is, "who doesn’t have a pet pelican?"

  29. You know electric cars cause more Co2 in the air? Because electricity production creates i believe 60% of Co2 emissions.

  30. @jcb1972 yes!!!!!!

  31. Do you give a crap about the environment or not? If you do, well, most environmentalists don’t see your point. Stationary power production is more efficient and diverse than everyone driving a generator that uses one fuel. I think you just like that fuel. You like us paying more every year for gas. You pick whichever argument supports us staying addicted to oil. Buzz off.

  32. ***

  33. 1st heard "They Might Be Giants" on WMNF in Tampa

  34. Nastolgiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  35. ***

  36. I still don’t get why you make a song about it????…. If every city had so much pollution then it would be all over the news : " alert alert! By an electric car!"

  37. So cute!

  38. correction, it was a pelican not a duck XD

  39. How can you deny an atomic cat?

  40. @MecabreMenace Uh, this is a song for 3 year olds. It doesnt have to make sense. You think too much.

  41. lol i have a nesian leaf

  42. lol

  43. @Kamikazebutterfly Volt ad, anyone? 😀

    C’mon Chevy, you know you want to

  44. @hangya5 took me a little while to realize that cpt=captain lol i feel stupid

  45. I love the song its great

  46. so cute!

  47. I like everything about this song apart from the lyrics !!!!

  48. I am so playing this in the Nissan Leaf.

  49. Who would have a pet pelican?

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