Top 10 Greatest Car Chases in Movies

Top 10 Greatest Car Chase Scenes of All Time
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Super fast cars and huge crashes always make things interesting. WatchMojo picks the ten best car chase scenes in cinematic history,

List Entries and Rank:
#10. The Getaway “Drive” (2011)
#9. Freeway Chase “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003)
#8. Mini Heist “The Italian Job” (1968)
#7. Briefcase Pursuit “Ronin” (1998)
#6. Train Chase “The French Connection” (1971)
#5. The Aquaduct “Terminator Judgment Day” (1991)
#4. Paris Chase “The Bourne Identity” (2002)
#3. ?

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  1. gone in 60 seconds?

  2. The scene in seinfield with George on the rascal

  3. They really should update this.

  4. The Original Gone in 60 Seconds, and the Original Vanishing Point.

  5. My fav was from gone in 60 seconds Remake with Eleanor

  6. pretty much all of Mad Max : Fury Road was a car chase, this video should be redone to allow for the last 3 years of amazing chases.

  7. ronin by far best chase scenes in recent(ish) times , no cgi just proper balls out driving in real cities with normal everyday cars . class !

  8. The Dead Pool????

  9. No way Bullet is #1…
    RONIN is the Best (most realistic) car chase ever!

  10. The less iconic Russian chase scene in The Bourne Supremacy was definitely the car chase highlight of the series.

  11. you forgot 2 fast 2 furious and dukes of Hazzard

  12. Best car chase is from death proof

  13. Bullitt will always be number one…when Steve McQueen puts his pedal to the floor his Mustang engine makes beautiful music!!!

  14. what about the truck chase from raiders of the lost ark?

  15. Best car chase is from The Seven Ups

  16. You left out the chase scene from the original Gone in 60 Seconds.

  17. WHAT THE HELL. DEATH PROOF NEEDED TO BE ON THAT LIST!!!! Kurt Russel and Zoe Bell absolutely SMASHED that scene. DISAPPOINTED

  18. I agree with the top 10 you have chosen wisely

  19. They doesn’t put the Jack Reacher police chase

  20. u forgot to live and die in la

  21. Duel!?

  22. I think I’m alone when I say my favourite car chase is from Thelma and Louise right? 😂😂😅

  23. why isn’t the chase scene from the amazing bulk on this list?

  24. what about that one with the tank in fast and furious 6

  25. You should have included the seven ups car chase. That one was intense.

  26. Truly understandable the scenes from 1974 Gone in 60 seconds and 1990 Short Time didn’t behave to this hipster list.

  27. where the hell is the transporter!!

  28. smokey and the bandit or dukes of hazzerd or fast and furious 6 tank chase where are those

  29. Knight and day all chases

  30. best movie ever = matrix reloaded

  31. The BORED Identity

  32. I would have put the Mini chase from Italian Job higher than number 8….

  33. Right. Where is Mad Max Fury Road?!!?! You decided to ignore it eh?

  34. You got it all wrong everyone knows the best car chase scene ever was, To live and Die in LA.

  35. The raid 2????

  36. Where’s John Wayne car chase in McQ and Sean Connery chase in Diamonds Are Forever!

  37. CGI should not be counted.

  38. I dont know about u guys, but the batman begins car chase was awsome

  39. Bad Boys 2 highway?

  40. "Lethal Weapon 4" the freeway chase scene; the Mercedes vs. the Pontiac; Riggs and Murtaugh vs the Chinese thugs!!! CLASSIC! Most entertaining ever!!!

  41. they forgot jeppers creepers car chase duhhhhh. 😕

  42. no fast n furious transformers transporter and james bond why?

  43. no honorable mentions?

  44. lol

  45. I’m surprised the chase from the original Gone In 60 Seconds isn’t in here

  46. Blues brothers should be 1

  47. James Bond?! (Man with the golden gun, Tomorrow never ddie….)

  48. You forgot every chase from The Transporter franchise.

  49. You should have included "Short Time" It is the best chase you will not be able to see legally because it is not released on DVD in the US.

  50. To Live and Die in L.A. William Friedkin’s direction made the event realistic coupled in intensive danger with William Petersen’s acting makes it one of films best car chases.

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