Top Gear shuts down LA for Drag Race! – Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Top Gear USA – Series 2

Tanner Foust takes the Porsche 911 GT2 RS for a spin in the closed streets of LA, culminating in a drag race against – classic muscle car – the Chevy Nova, and the Dodge Viper SRT10. Which show could achieve that? Only Top Gear USA!

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  1. really a nova vs a porsche in a drag race?? c’mon. i know if the porsche and nova were to get into a accident with each other the nova would win that lol

  2. z28 badge on a nova….please take that shit off, your embarrassing the internet

  3. This isn’t TopGear.

  4. you mean both the viper and nova are pure shit?

  5. is there a track day in planning, Montreal, Quebec, Kannada? CP’67

  6. dream car

  7. Did I ever tell anyone that I love this car to death???????????????????

  8. Having law enforcement shut down roads for you so you can experience the Porsche beast AND do donuts in the middle of the street wouldn’t suck..

  9. See ya!

  10. Are they kidding, a Nova Z28? ;( LAME

  11. The best Porsche ever

  12. ewwww porche

  13. That was a waste of drag. Actually put something that stands a chance geez

  14. o boy. A 911 P.O.S….. Looks like the old model…

  15. Dear Santa……….

  16. if someone were to give me the keys to one of the cars at the end itd still always be the Nova.

  17. Nastiest 911 ever built will basically smoke anything! And if not of the line it will catch up and pass you!!!!!!!!!

  18. God..what are those two ugly looking shiiit cars…

  19. England is better

  20. 6:45 American muscle vs German muscle*. Bring it on. :3

    *Actually, I reserved that to Mercedes-AMG, but hey – the same goes to that particular 911. :3

  21. Nothing compare with this

  22. you idiots nobody pots a porsche next to a viper or a muscle car u pot a porsche next to a gtr

  23. gt2 rs is the last 911 I thought was any good

  24. Crappy editing.

  25. Ah the sound of progress my friend

  26. While the other two "muscle cars" were doing burnouts  trying to get traction, Mr Porsche was a1/4 of the way to the finish line…….love it !

  27. Very nice real life situation….. The trick is to get more power from a smaller engine…. Porsche. Is the top of the line…….contender

  28. The spyder 918 ist the greatest beast from porsche 411 kmh

  29. Where are the British accents!? </3 Bloody Americans, thinking they can drive cars…

  30. top gear america = shit presenters

  31. gta in real life?

  32. usa is more entertaining than uk

  33. Anyone else drool on themselves?

  34. l keep hoping that Porsche will make a 991GT2, GT2RS.

  35. The best car Porsche ever made

  36. Gtr

  37. Ye PORCHes are really really fast

  38. what’s with the choppy video?

  39. what’s the name of the piano song playing at 0:30 ?:) does anyone know, please?

  40. Us top gear will never be as good as uk

  41. very sad copy of original top gear.

  42. Does anyone know the song at 5:59?

  43. You take a GT2 RS and you send it to drag race, but not track with corners!?!?! SHAME.

  44. What is the song at 0:30? No is darude sandstorm.

  45. this and the carrera gt are the greatest porsche ever for car enthusiasts

  46. you can have the fastest car in the world but you can’t beat the sweet sound of american muscle

  47. porsche’s all look the same like bmw’s but nice cars nonetheless

  48. I want that one!!!!!!!!!

  49. A gtr is another car which you can use everyday

  50. german cars are crap, great if you like sitting on the side of the road.

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