Trying to crash in a self-parking BMW — CES 2015

At CES this week, BMW is showing cars that can stop you from crashing and park themselves using a smartwatch.

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  1. That’s not evolution. The problem with all these new technologies is that if you assist humans more and more and treat them as if they were incapable idiots who can’t park… all you’re going to achieve is that they will quickly become incapable idiots who can’t park…

    And I think there are a few things in life that are more difficult than just parking a tiny electric car…

  2. Ha! No more ladies mistaking the gas for the brake!
    Well, they’ll be there but it won’t matter. Good on BMW.

  3. Nobody reads the comments why are we all typing?

    Bmw cars drive like my grandma.

  4. what kind of smart watch is that at 1:02

  5. "OK Google, Park my car!" 

    I can’t wait unitl I’ll be able to say that.

  6. Дизайн автомобиля если честно не фонтан i3… BMW теряет в этой модели свою дерзость… Ну а авто парковка ,прикольная тема… а вот если сбой даст… то придёт большой пиз*ц на парковке..

  7. What

  8. That’s all great but what song is this?

  9. what if you want to run over a zombie? does it have a zombie ignore system?

  10. can I have the name of he car pleses

  11. That cut to him in the passenger seat was actually freaky. Damn kids and their hovercarboards

  12. didn’t really try very hard. was hoping you’d throw moving obstacles and stuff! 

  13. NICE!!!

  14. Audi 🙂 First

  15. probably the only reason i’d get a smart watch

  16. None of these people ever seen the matrix? Give the machines brains… Yeah… Will Smith had to fight an army of robots my nig.

  17. This car looks pathetic! How could BMW make such a worthless car!

  18. Could I tell the car to park with a Pebble Smart Watch, or just that one you had in particular

  19. the i3 looks soooo ugly tho

  20. What a sellout video/title.  I can understand limitations with trying to crash a car and what is a realistic expectation of systems preventing you from doing so, but like this guy drives around a brick wall once.  At no point does the driver show you how an honest mistake can be corrected by the car. They already have self parking cars. Basically everyone who watched this just watched an advertisement.

  21. Pretty soon licenses will not be needed lol

  22. Awesome car

  23. What if the car crashes it’s self… would the insurance pay? lol "Yea, My car crashed, no my CAR crashed"

  24. Its weird how watch dogs the game predicted alot of stuff that will happen in the real world. Cars will be controlled by a computer, and can be accessed and hacked. Street lights can also be hacked and so on etc

  25. so when young 1x1x1x1 from north korea comes along and wants to rob my i3 they can have it driven to them while I’m sleeping

  26. perfect car for drunk drivers.

  27. That’s awesome…

  28. WOW

  29. Just learn how to drive – no need for the car to take the fun out of the experience

  30. It is very possible to crash! Check out the video on my channel for proof

  31. Looks like a bigger version of a smart car…

  32. asian and women rejoice 

  33. TheVerge team: bunch of ISHIT fanboys. 

  34. Chris zeigler…..car tech phony

  35. Last thing I want is an app on my car that conglomerate agents could use to assassinate me.

    -Hej, Field Marshal of Terran Republic

  36. If the car hit someone and die, who is going to the jail. Car?

  37. Btw my mom has a Mercedes with an automatic trunk… Shit malfunctions all the time lol I think most people are forgetting these companies all have quality control issues and recalls 90% of the time… I mean toyotas killed people on their own without being automated.

  38. Do they come in grownup sizes?

  39. Have an Asian sit behind the wheel.
    They’ll find a way to crash it.

  40. Yeah but what happens when you’re using it on the road, and it stops you from hitting a car in front of you, but another car behind you smashes into it? 

  41. wack!! Audi A7 drove it self to the show! BMW need to do better.

  42. Why have an avoidance system that doesn’t even work on most roads???

  43. So a murderer is trying to kill someone with that BMW. He tapes the sensors so when the girl tries to escape him her car does not move. Like if you like to live to like.

  44. BMW has been killing it a CES for the past couple years

  45. What if you actually want to run something over tho?

  46. Kit is a BMW?

  47. Verge in french means penis

  48. What happens if you lose connection -o-

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