Ultra HD 4K Rolling RACE BMW S1000RR vs Bugatti Veyron Vitesse -presented by Samsung

Presented by Samsung Ultra HD TV: This Ultra HD video shows races between BMW S1000RR vs Bugatti Veyron Vitesse rolling start. Samsung Ultra HD 4K technology delivers four times the resolution of Full HD — enjoy sharper details, richer colours and higher contrast. Perfect for experiencing the full-fledged beauty of this motorcycle and hypercar! All Ultra HD videos are posted in my UHD-playlist, stay tuned for more.
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  1. One of the most amazing videos on YouTube. As a car fanatic you’ve got to respect that bike. Fantastic.

  2. 4 wheels move a body 2 wheels move a soul

  3. In the first run, front wheel stayed on the ground. Even a little lift and it really slows bikes down, as evidenced by the next 3 runs. So, if front tire is kept on the ground, the Beener will destroy any production car.

  4. tirem uma pessoa do Veyron. pelo menos 80kg a menos.

  5. hes right not every1 can go fast on the bike. Just think if he new the feeling of been on an s1000rr he would be like fuck the car lol

  6. ㅍㄴㄷㅇㅌ

  7. kokot

  8. Accidental samsung box-holding-lady passing through!

  9. Well that was a good waste of a million quid 😂

  10. Why would you av a passenger in a drag race !

  11. I remember years ago, this channel was a small channel with only a few thousand views. Now this channel is so huge now. #Salute

  12. SONY BRAVIA is far better than SAMSUNG

  13. Can’t we just agree on the fact both these machines are incredible instead of slagging them off? The Veyron is like a hotelroom effortlesly accelerating to 400+ kmp/h and the bike is like being shot out of a rifle. It’s also pretty amazing how the bike rider manages to sit down with balls that big.

  14. allusinant

  15. But the BMW only goes to 200mph while the Veyron goes to 250ish…… I don’t think the car will beat the bike on a race track but on a runway i think it will

  16. i am brazilian fuck ingles

  17. you mean to telle that a buggati one of the most powerful cars in the world lost to a little motorcycle………….fuck me!!!!

  18. Nice bike

  19. fair play to him

  20. Actual video starts at 0:34

  21. FAKC YOU Bitch

  22. русские Вы тут?

  23. Throw away that crappy Samsung tv and get a Panasonic OLED or a Sony OLED.
    If you’re completely broke, then get an LG OLED.
    That Samsung tv is absolute garbage.

  24. I don’t know what’s more amazing, that a Veyron can keep up with an S1000RR? OR that the S1000RR can keep up with a Veyron?

  25. veyron looking old now. never liked them in first place. tho the new chirion is mint

  26. both German:)

  27. ahora falta con la ninja H2R

  28. i thought nothing could beet a bugatti

  29. who went out and bought a samsung ultra hd tv after watching this?

  30. que mierda de angulos son estos dan ganas de meterle una ostia al que coloco la GO PRO

  31. Veyron eaten by a S1000RR….

  32. Cool video


  34. Easy

  35. That’s true not every1 knows how to use it lol

  36. бугатти молодец

  37. Would Like to Point out that The S1000RR Did Amazing Considering it costs only about $262000 less than the Veyron… XD

  38. lol


  39. bugatii loser

  40. Bike wins

  41. Bugtti are slow

  42. Vmw 👍🏼 Bugatti 🐀

  43. both german ❤ going to buy that 1000rr

  44. I would save 2 mill any fay

  45. Almost 2 Metric Tons vs. 150 KG……..

  46. the motorcycle guy must knows his shifts

  47. wow, bmw faster than a bugatti…………..

  48. linke this !

  49. DAT Veyron sound

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