Unlocking a car with your Brain – Sixty Symbols

Professor Roger Bowley unlocks his car from various distances, using waves from his key, brain and a big bottle of water.

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This project features scientists from The University of Nottingham

Video by James Hennessy

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  1. wait wait, so, the water in your head magnifies the emf from the car key?

  2. anyone else here from Destin’s smarter every day?

  3. But are keys using the same energy in both cases? Or they use more when they are moving the water molecules?

  4. Sound advice, but do keep it to yourself until you can prove it’s working, otherwise the skeptics of the world will label you as cuckoo for cocoa puffs and you could well be forced into suicide, does happen.

  5. "Do the damned experiment, find out what is reality, *disprove your prejudices* ."

  6. Parasitic resonance?

  7. he’s so sweet haha

  8. Professor Bowley looking top flight in that getup.

  9. I don’t believe this really works.

  10. That’s insane

  11. I wonder if this would work with a wifi signal

  12. I don’t really agree with the explanation of Professor Bowley provided in this video. I think the coupleing of the water to the antenna (which, given the wavelength, is very much part of the near field of the antenna) is also decreasing the impedance of the antenna. The simple driving amplifier in the key will drive more power into this antenna because the lowered impedance. A quick verification of which theory is correct would be to move the mass away, and if we move it exactly half a wavelength further, we should see a decrease of range in one direction.

  13. Would it work with any dielectric and for any wavelength?

  14. science rocks!

  15. Disprove your prejudices people!

  16. u can clearly see it light up when he presses it away from his head…wow the things old people get excited about

  17. I want this professor.

  18. Wont that give u cancer

  19. Your hypothesis is totally incorrect. Your wave length estimation is wrong. What is happening is simple first year electrical engineering antenna theory. The emission of radio waves from the transmission element is being reflected off a conductive surface (albeit a poor one) and the result is directive forward gain, a simple "ground plane". This is the principle of directional antennas, see Yagi Uda theory. This is why using YOUTUBE to pass and radio theory exam as presented here in this video can lead to failure. (there is no magical separation of the electrons or valency shell or removal of hydrogen atoms from the water structure. And it would be daft to suggest so. What would be impressive is if you can connect your claim/back it up to explain this from peer reviewed theoretical papers. Cheers:)

  20. why is this guy shouting if he carries a wearable microphone with him? xD

  21. why does the wave even have a range? whats stopping it from reaching the car at further distances the air?

  22. I just love the Professor’s facial expressions when he says "Just do the damned expirements" He’s fun to watch.

  23. He looks like an older Tom Scott

  24. Range is extended by 30% if you have a tumor!

  25. "Do the damned experiment!"

  26. Super cool!

  27. Great experiment buddy .

  28. will not work with 2.4ghz. please do not toss your wifi in the fish tank

  29. best youtube channel by far

  30. After hearing this, my head feels kinda watery…

  31. Braintenna, made up that word last week. Braintenna and your body is a wave tank of information.

  32. all u need is a flux capacitor and BAM…problem solved!

  33. Tumor Fuel 😀

  34. Isn’t this a parasitic radiator?

  35. Would it be more effective if you used your body instead of your head? I don’t think clothes would have an effect, right?

    (I don’t have a car, I can’t test this myself)

  36. Jimm Bakker looks like Katt Williams in whiteface

  37. I actually use this A LOT. In fact, I used it to remote start our rental car from inside of a Denny’s last Saturday! Any time I try to lock/unlock my car and it’s not working, the fob goes straight to the side of my head, and it almost always works. Very handy trick.

  38. now do how to boost wifi signal

  39. Wait, where does the energy come from? Is it because you are focusing more? (so you have to point your car key more towards your car)

  40. Sixty sigma !! lol

  41. Wow, you are only just now opening car with your mind old man? I did that at 3yrs old. You are still a scrub!

  42. This confuses me – surely you’re creating something from nothing. Is this another situation where magnetism appears to be magic?

  43. Hmm waves and phases… could you potentially mute someone if you instantly played back their own voice with the polarity flipped from very close?

  44. Why dont we use a Key chain filled with Water??

  45. I always thought that the head thing worked because it make you put your key-fob Higher. I did tested thi I It worked with only holding it it higher, and not on my head, but I I didn’t tested with water, I’m surprised!

  46. it really works

  47. this is so fake

  48. Does this works better or worse with salty water? (vs potable water)

    Who loses the energy used for the amplification? Does the water cool down?

  49. Police? I see a man running around the parking carrying gasoline and something that looks like a detonator. Yes I’ll stay right here. Thank you.

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