UrQuattro Gave Audi All-Wheel Dominance

In the late 1970s, Audi engineers started toying with the idea of pairing a turbocharged engine with the Volkswagen Group’s four-wheel-drive platform. The result, in 1980, was the Ur-Quattro (Ur being German for “original”), a car that would ultimately change Group B rally racing and, in time, the way sports cars were prepared.

Around this time, a young Group B fanatic named Manuel Leon Minassian was growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, where his heroes were rally drivers like Hannu Mikkola, Stig Blomqvist, and a tall Bavarian named Walter Röhrl. These men were among the first to race Audi Quattros to Group B glory shortly after regulations permitting all-wheel-drive were introduced in 1979, with Mikkola and Blomqvist taking drivers’ titles in 1983 and 1984 and Audi winning constructors’ titles in 1982 and 1984. For a kid like Minassian, these men were superheroes and the Quattro a supercar.

Not much has changed, except that Minassian now has an Ur-Quattro of his own, a car which began life as Vasek Polak’s car and which Minassian chased for many years before finally getting a chance to buy it. And there’s little chance of anyone prying it from his hands, not least because, to do so, they’d first have to catch him.

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  1. Nice gloves, Manuel!

  2. Fire up the Quattro! massive fan of the Audi Quattro, good looking car. i wish I could afford one, heck, I wish I could afford the insurance. very tidy looking car there & the fact it lives over there in the states makes me VERY jealous

  3. Well now i am kicking myself there was one on craigslist 5 years ago for 28 thousand dollars

  4. The point of letting the car idle is not to let the intercooler cool down. Its to keep oil flowing through the center cartridge of the turbocharger while the exhaust housing cools down idling temp. Back in those days, I don’t think synthetic oils were available, dino-oils would coke up in the internal oil passages of the turbocharger if the oil flow was halted while the turbocharger was at high temp.

  5. dominance where? Perhaps you wanted to talk about the Lancia Delta S4 or Evolution . She dominated , this no !!

  6. What about a movie on 205 T16 which run over quattro in Group B rallying!

  7. Love those massively cunty gloves!! Even when he’s not in the car, they’re there to be seen.

  8. The Quattro was amazing when it came out. But the s4 and the 037 were still worthy opponents

  9. I love the car, but I’d hate to meet this guy driving on the road while on my motorcycle. Lane discipline, bro.

  10. Did he just bought a new car again? haha.. Go and watch another video of his car( Never enough Alfa) that he’ll explain he bought so many cars. 😀

  11. Funny thing about these cars, they aren’t very good at on road performance. Off-road is where they truly shine!

  12. Can I just mention that letting the car tick over for a few minutes before switching off has nothing to do with letting the intercooler cool.  Anybody with me on this one??

  13. Just bought Audi Cabriolet 97 red convertible


  15. He seems like a nice bloke. Great car.

  16. nice car. just FYI, you don’t need to let the intercooler cool off, you need to let oil circulate and cool the turbo so when you shut it down it doesn’t bake oil in the turbo. this is why some high performance cars and many semi trucks have turbo timers.

  17. well i owned audi 90 b3 with 5 cylinder in line engine. the engine sound was everyhing!

  18. They are soooo rare! ( atleast here ) coupe looks almost the same tho.

  19. The Audi Quatro was so slow compared with the Lancia Delta Intergrale HF !

  20. Any chance of doing a Peugeot 205 T16 EVO one? That thing was a beast.

  21. Trust me buddy, I know the meaning of your front plate.. On my 2002 A4 3.0L My vin started with WAULT and I shed a tear… Nice car man.. I envy you!

  22. dream car

  23. nice seeing this car in good hands 🙂

  24. Ted Mosby’s Driving gloves 🙂

  25. So much rub!!

  26. What a classic car… It’s one reason why I like my Volvo 5 cylinders to this very day!

  27. Lancia delta HF integrale, forever the best.

  28. I’m pretty sure that you should let turbo cars warm up before getting on hard boost because the oil is cold and you don’t want to starve the turbo, not because the intercooler needs to cool down.

  29. It must be a blast to drive, but on the design point it’s not a win for me.

  30. Haye, bello auto, también fue mi sueño de niño, felicidades.

  31. Coupé PLEASE!!! not coupe.

  32. great car .great owner good story ………. then came along the bmw e30 m3 … goodnight audi ……..

  33. another deutsch car driven by a..oops😏

  34. What about lancia? I think they have a way better rally history than audi and way more legendary rally cars out there. Don’t get me wrong the quattros cool but not fulvia, stratos, 037, delta type cool of course this is opinionated but my messiah of rally cars is the fulvia lancia. It was so understated taking on cars like the Porsche 911, and the Renault alpine and winning. It made 165 hp from a 1.6 in the late 60’s early 70’s! For me that’s the greatest rally car of them all

  35. dumbass is crossing lanes!

  36. Who the fuck ever called it the ‘quattro coupe sport’ in rallying? Still a great car!

  37. Cant drive worth a shit…stay off the double yellow. You crossed it like 50 times in the video

  38. Really good video. I like that atmosphere caused by your videos. Good job!

  39. Had a Ur quattro for 11 years,got married,had to sell car.This vid brings so many happy memories back of driving a car hard or in cruise mode.Legend!

  40. why u go so slow

  41. My father used to have one of the Audi GT’s like he mentioned while we were stationed in Germany. Very similar looks, that is until some lady who wasn’t used to round-abouts hit it.. 🙁

  42. His license plate is ROHRL. Love it.

  43. Dude’s crossing the double yellows and not even using the whole road. Doesn’t even know how to hold a steering wheel xD

  44. The U.S. got robbed on these cars….160hp from a 2.1 inline 5 Turbo, while everyone else got over 200.

  45. Ths guy never heard of Audi Sport Quattro from the 80’s thats holly grail of Audi’s

  46. it only won the championship once, not years, years, years, years.

  47. Looks and sounds like the suspension is from 1983 too! Yeesh. Might be OK off road , but the current set up looks downright dangerous for street use.

  48. What is something like this worth?

  49. quattro is another world"

  50. I still remember seeing one of these outside a Lidl supermarket.. Oh it was beautiful.

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