Vintage: Porsche 911 Turbo | Drive it!

Our test driver Christoph Bauer regularly borrows classic cars from the Zeithaus museum in Wolfsburg and takes them out for a spin. All of the vehicles in the museum’s collection represent milestones of automotive history. This time around Christoph wants a lean, mean driving machine — and the Porsche 911 Turbo fits the bill perfectly.The car made its debut at the Paris Motor Show in 1974. Initially fitted with a 260 horsepower engine, the 911 Turbo got a power boost in 1977. Thanks to its new intercooling system, the 3.3-liter motor could generate 300 horsepower. As the world’s first turbocharged, series production supercar, the Porsche 911 Turbo combined power with luxury. And it still impresses over 3 decades later — rocketing from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 5.5 seconds flat.

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  1. I remember buying it on NFS Porsche2000 and then fully modified scared the shit out of me, I cant imagine how it is to drive it in real life, this(930)
    together with the Countach, the Ferrari Daytona and the BMW M1 are my favourite supercars from the ’70s

  2. My ’77 is a narrow body 2.7 with upgrades (11-blade fan, oil-fed chain tensioners, 930 valve covers), but she’s still a blast to drive even if she’s only pushing 150 HP.  She’s straight as an arrow and 100 mph is gloriously simple and satisfying.

  3. 1:44 Feel like you were rear ended LOL. The 930 turbo is one of my favorites. Nick named: The Widow maker. There’s nothing more exciting than owning a car that wants kill you : ) what’s more impressive is the evolution of the 911. I own a 99 911 non-turbo C2 manual which runs low 5’s 0-60 if I can keep my IMS from launching log enough. I’d still trade my 99 911 and 928 and my left testical for a 930 turbo.

  4. What a timeless shape ! I loved it when I was 10, still does at 36.

  5. classic turbo was of such high quality 1974-2014 40 years still running will run after 20 years also , engine promise 2 million kilometers continue to run …. again german technology, hardly i have seen porsche abandoned ferrari, lambos are common in dubai i have seen on abandonment.

  6. Had one of these for 2 years, pure fun and made like a tank…..

  7. I have an 89 5spd 930 us, LOVE IT!

  8. that’s not the original intercooler, that’s from a 964 3.6 turbo

  9. There are so many things this video has wrong it is ridiculous.

  10. Blackbird

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