Volvo Self Driving Car

Volvo Car Group initiates world unique Swedish pilot project with self-driving cars on public roads.

Volvo Cars will play a leading role in the world’s first large-scale autonomous driving pilot project in which 100 self-driving Volvo cars will use public roads in everyday driving conditions around the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The ground-breaking project ‘Drive Me — Self-driving cars for sustainable mobility’ is a joint initiative between Volvo Car Group, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency, Lindholmen Science Park and the City of Gothenburg.

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  1. iRobot

  2. I think I’d get quite bored just sitting there in front of a steering wheel.  I rather enjoy the driving, I would hate driving a car, if it was self-driven.

  3. he diseñado un nuevo medio de transporte que no contamina y no congestiona, económico y ecológico del que hay el prototipo a escala y en funcionamiento que aplica las tres condiciones que se necesitan pata ir desde un punto S hasta un punto B y que son, diseño, dirección y fuerza.

  4. интересно, как этот вольво проедет по русским дорогам, где ямы такие, что в них могут собаки прятаться…

  5. 2020 you must be 15 years old to drive in (auto mode)

  6. I wonder, if I get the woman with the car, LOL!!

  7. I really look forward to let my car drive me home after having a drink.

  8. 4:20 blaze it

  9. volvo please gibe diretide

  10. Congratulations VOLVO, you really did the Job GREAT! Would it be possible to adjust the autonomous driving for People with disabilities, like Vision impairment or even blindness? GREAT JOB FOLKS!!

  11. song and artist please?

  12. is it real

  13. You still have to worry about other drivers hitting you.

  14. 4:20 ;D

  15. Its nice and looking beautiful and informative but if the road sensors are built. Vehicle will under mapping, networking, and driver will guess the measurement. It will be more safe and safety. more more informative —-. Tks Sad Abdul wasea

  16. Gee how I hate driving… Can’t wait for driverless cars. Though please get rid of the silly steering wheel or at least make it retractable?

  17. no need for panel beaters,insurance companies,bus drivers ,taxi drivers,ect

  18. hey! does anyone know where i can purchase the background music? I got hooked on it the first time i listened to it. 🙂 I know who the artist is, but i dont know if there is an mp3 or anything of it, or if its on itunes. Any feedback will help. Thanks!!!

  19. This is so awesome!

  20. OK has anyone owned a Volvo? Sure they’re good for ten years.. And then everything falls apart. They’re sturdy and drive well, run forever, but computer modules and whatnot, they go bad. This is the same company that put my stereo in the rear roof, my fuel control module under the car dangling for snow and rain to drench it… I’m not too sure I can trust them with the electricals. I don’t think this’ll pick up more than electric cars have at this point in the US. They aren’t built to last so they will probably be leases with no options to buy, which will dissuade a lot of potential customers besides the people who already don’t drive themselves. And imagine this car at 10 or 15 years old lol… Ever see a 20 year old volvo? I’m sure you have, many are still on the road. But every one of them has the abs and traction control light on.. Its a Volvo, but it’s still just a Volvo.

  21. wat a carrrrrr

  22. Is so beatiful i want to buy 1

  23. nice

  24. who will win this race volvo or tesla or google

  25. where bloopers with the hit pedestrians?

  26. Participated in the Busan international motor show?

  27. Si esta muy bien el sistema de piloto automático, pero la primera idea que se me viene a la cabeza es que ella es un paco mayor para el.Que es vieja vamos

  28. What if someone hacks it & unfortunately we’ve had many accidents bc of it

  29. All of you retards out there, tesla has doen it so Volvo sucks again

  30. Did they eventually meet up and fuck?

  31. What if a moose or some other animal tries to run across the road will the Volvo recognize it or does it only recognize cars?

  32. wich begs the question : will you need a driver’s licence anymore ?

  33. Cool! I want one!

  34. I don’t feel like dying today. Test that car in Miami, FL successfully and then we’ll see it’s real skills.

  35. this feels like I-Robot

  36. Does anybody know who sings the song in the ad ?

  37. За счет чего Вольво, надежнее, чем Мазда? Как правильно сравнить? По каким критериям лучше проводить сравнение? С чего лучше начать? Посоветуйте, пожалуйста

  38. I find self driving cars cute. But not so mind-blowing. Cause you can say it has bin refined digitally in our vidca`-games. Real self driving cars are only a translation. But keep the good work up my swedish Volvo neighbor-to Norway, friends! 😀

  39. how much to buy them

  40. I want one now!

  41. The test I want to see is how fast the system will react in the event a deer jumps out in front of the car. Will it take the A-hole riding your bumper into account when determining how much brake to apply? Will the system take evasive action to prevent your ride from being damaged from either of the threats? Will the system break the law(excessive speeding) to eliminate the likelihood of the other drivers in front of you throwing road debris (blown truck tire)  into you car?  Can the system see potholes? 

  42. mabey cars that have people driving thim will be illegal in the year 2020 !!!

  43. hey its nice but if the road sensors are built it is more easier and safer right!
    something like if a car doesnt directly have contact with the radar but indirectly have it from the below roads……

  44. Now Thats superb

  45. Do they have to force heterosexuality into every commercial?

  46. Well im a truck driver and this news sucks to me because i know that in 10-15 years maybe even less who knows, Trucks will be driven by it self… human is allowed to drive only 8 hours but with this system they can drive 24 hours. Replaces humans, Deliveries would be much much faster and there is no need for paying the drivers. Ehh future i like and hate you in the same time 🙁 

  47. Anyone know the song in the beginning?

  48. All we need is the first person to forget to engage the self-drive mode because they’ve got their head up their backside, and you’ve got a nasty accident on your hands. The concept is cool; everybody wants to be like the Jetsons, but in this country, at least (U.S.), we don’t have people intelligent enough to handle this kind of technology.

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