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  1. I have never seen more people risk their lives in motor racing – and everyone of them was a spectator. I saw one left turn here where people gathered only at the outside, opposite the apex – I am sure Audi bragged that 4×4 traction would prevent thousands of deaths, and they could start counting right about 0:23

  2. Large groups of people ruin everything.

  3. Insane B Group!

  4. simplely. I CANT DO IT.

  5. images of the gear changes are taken from the video of the hill climb of Pikes Peak

  6. So damn impressive

  7. so macht mathe spaß 🙂

  8. The foot play is awesome, brake, clutch, accelerate, brake, clutch… The talent to drive such cars with manual transmision at that speed.

  9. Best rally car ever made.. No doubt

  10. I bet a lot of these old amazing race drivers are amazing at dancing,look at those movements!


  12. I paused my porn to see this… Oh Wait!

  13. walter once said he had to be the best that is possible because if he wasn’t a lot of these people could die. and he couldn’t live with that so he wanted to be the best at it

  14. im almost sure that was in portugal

  15. About Walter Röhrl a Formula 1 Driver is a sleeping pill…!

  16. I miss seeing that kind of footwork….dang flappy paddle gearboxes 🙂

  17. Watching this, I can see why they said Group B cars were too fast! Lol

  18. Awesome!,of the scale awesomeness!.

  19. Amazing footwork and car control. Walter Rohrl is a true maestro and exceptional talent!!

  20. hola

  21. Ok help me out here! I remember watching this clip from a VHS tape of various motorports (it included fuuny cars, top fuel, cigarette boats, flat track, and touring car racing) and for the life of me I can’t remember what the tape was called. It’s killing me! This clip of Rohrl was in there with some music dubbed over it.

  22. This is in Portugal, no doubt and thwe reason is… we love rally, we’re crazy for it.

  23. Health and safety laws came about as a direct result of the 80s.

  24. Come back to me group B !!! Or wrc just come to the US. id be happy with that too.!

  25. One week ago Mr Rohrl crashed a 918 Spyder and I saw many comments saying ”oh stop driving you old ****” etc. Those people are all ignorant of how much of a driver Walter Rohrl really is. I would pay a lot of money just to be inside a car driven by him. What a driver

  26. That foot work tho

  27. watched wrc on "sport1HD" right now from finnland, alot of onboard scenes, its like slow motion in comparsion to the Group B Monsters!! they had a manual gearbox and much less electronic stuff back then and flat out these cars to the max! BIG BALLS NEEDED

  28. my God, the spectators were crazier than the drivers

  29. Die Zuschauer sind mir noch nicht nah genaug am Geschehen, man kann ja noch Straße erkennen

  30. brake with left foot 😮 xDD i tried with my car i almost died ahahah

  31. continuation?

  32. That crowd has a death wish (although they’re not entirely sure about it).

  33. finnish>german

  34. Did anyone else notice word "pussy" 11 times in this video?

  35. The editing is great.

  36. They see the fans in the middle of the goddamn road and still floor it full speed… What kind of mind set do you need to have to continue without restraint

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  38. does the car have 4 pedals? :O

  39. Walter Röhr is def. one of the best race-drivers of all time. Group B was simply insane. I wish I was older so I could have seen them live.

  40. Fans act like they are watching Tour de France cyclist, crazy days….

  41. Group B and Man TT, nothing else! 🙂

  42. lol – not even comparing me to walter – that’s exactly the way i’m trying to figure out playing dirt 3 with controller – breaking while accelerating and driving the car not full throttle just hitting the pedal halfway many times … maybe doing this later with my own car 😀

  43. That countdown in Finnish at the start :0

  44. best video on youtube

  45. That’s the secret – that dancing left footwork over the clutch and brake while accelerating. I daren’t do that to my car!

  46. kann mir einer erklären, warum man vorallem beim rallysport so oft den linken fuß zum bremsen benutzt anstatt nur zu kuppeln? 0:31

  47. onboard NOT the S1. the S1 has different air vents (more triangular in the front) in the hood.

  48. portuguese people are crazy!

  49. mad footsies going on

  50. Crowd control ? Have they heard of "Health and Safety" lol

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