Watch Bose’s incredible electromagnetic car suspension system in action

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Bose spent years developing the ultimate suspension system that offered a super smooth, magic-carpet like ride. It was a technical success but a commercial flop. See why.

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  1. Why shit cars tho

  2. 1:33 KITT Turbo Boost 😀

  3. i had this idea few days ago, i thought now i will be rich i just have to sell mt idea,
    but bad luck.
    but still my concept was a little diff. from this one.

  4. Cool, now we can buy Shitty Videogame Physics DLC for our cars

  5. Holy shit

  6. god damn bose!

  7. wtf they need to make a production lexus with that

  8. What is this fake shit?

  9. And most importantly: where is the joy of feeling of going through roadkills and your enemies?

  10. it jumped? Wonder if any truckers go flying of the seats too.

  11. perfect! I can finally run over peopl–err, speeedbumps–without feeling bad afterwards!

  12. фантастика!)

  13. I lost it at "good rate of speed"

    A rate of distance is speed, a rate of speed is acceleration.
    Learn your differentials people!

  14. waaaat?

  15. Does this suspension fit my Jeep SUV ?

  16. My Lexus LS400 was the quietest car ever. I still miss it

  17. Jumps on a corner = hello ditch

  18. Needs the Mario jump sound from Nintendo. 😛

  19. 1:33 *clicks L3*

  20. is this real ?

  21. isnt it Bose is a Speaker Company?

  22. Hey, Bose, why don’t you put it out on market as an option on some cars and let us decide whether or not we want to pay for it? I have extra sand bags in my car to make it hurt my back less when it is on normal roads. I lose tens of thousands of dollars annually due to back problems caused by bumpy roads. This type of suspension would save me lots of money even if it cost $20,000 and weighed 1,000 pounds.

  23. Is that Million Mile Lexus’ Matt Farah?

  24. 1:33 KITT, is that you?

  25. Aren’t speed bumps etc developed to SLOW DOWN cars?
    With this system ASOs and speed demons can race through the residential areas again!

  26. i dont care about the weight and the cost, i want this :S

  27. Now I want this in my car.

  28. 1:48 – That kind of leap seemed doggish xD

  29. We should see this technology in cars when it gets cheap enough to implement it and when the patents expire.

  30. Why dont they use this in a highe end expensive rolls royce or something??? Those rich fellas would buy this in an instance!!! i MEAN I WOULD PAY LARGE MONEY FOR THIS IF I HAD IT

  31. Wonder if the cost and weight would be reduced in an electric car.

  32. I smell dirty politics here, too "heavy" pfft

  33. What is this sorcery?

  34. I don’t get when you pay with your legs and limps for Rolls and Royce and Bentley optional extras, why wouldn’t they get BOSE to do these suspensions for them? People who buy ultra expensive cars usually like their cars to be covered with expensive cow skin, expensive wood from outer space and are proud about it. So why not this? Makes perfect sense in the world of Bentleys and RRs.

  35. Too heavy and too expensive … Are you kidding me ? It’s like the best suspension ever and nobody used it because of the weight and price ?

  36. Hello,

    I read many Reddit comments and would consider myself a self-taught physics EXPERT.

    Let me know if you want to Skype with me sometime, I think my valuable insight could salvage the small amount of value this "project" still has.

    ~Theodore Trilby, Ph. D in atheism and stage 4 ultra atheist

  37. すげー!

  38. … And then General Motors figured out a way to make this cheaper, and stole the technology from them!

    I believe they call it magnaride suspension

  39. WHY nobody has noticed that the car is fake? its just video editing

  40. Of course it had to be the white car that gets the super suspension

  41. Sick ollie bro. Now make it do a kickflip.

  42. the system used on the early 90’s infinity q 45 was better only problem was the pump system that relied on the power steering pump to operate it

  43. I had thought of a very similar suspension to this that would be lighter, be independent, allow for all-wheel steering and hydraulics, and not have the need for axles. This is giving me an insight to what I could do to improve my theoretical design

  44. 1:30 – KITT, Turbo Boost!!

  45. the jump could be dangerous especially in curves… you lose control… can it be adjusted? ofcourse

  46. Imgur sent me here.

  47. o problema sao as travagens de emergência, o peso do carro tem de ir para a parte da frente lara ter mais peso e atrito na parte da frente para uma travagem mais segura

  48. Use something similar for restaurant tables and chairs that wobble.

  49. hey road spikes won’t work on this car

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