Watch the all-new, agile Audi Q3 Attempt an Extreme Parking Stunt!

The all-new, agile 2015 Audi Q3 attempts an extreme parking stunt in a crowded parking garage. Can our urban SUV conquer tight parking spaces?

For more features and specifications, please visit: http://bit.ly/1vN7DdC
Audi Q3: Get ready to Conquer the City.

With the arrival of the all-new, agile Audi Q3, your wait for a compact Audi SUV is finally over. The Audi Q3 offers the best of both worlds: It’s small and nimble enough for urban settings, but large enough to hold whatever you need for indoor or outdoor adventures. And functionality is just the beginning. The streamlined exterior of the Audi Q3 offers the kind of sleek looks you wouldn’t expect in a compact SUV. Yet it still offers impeccable SUV credentials, including a spacious 5-seat interior, 473 litres of cargo space, high ground clearance, and available quattro® permanent all-wheel drive. Standard features include 19″ alloy wheels (18″ with quattro®) and dual-zone auto climate control, as well as Audi Music Interface (AMI), Bluetooth® interface, and concert radio, all controlled effortlessly from a 6.5″ display with MMI® operating logic.

To configure your own Audi Q3, visit our configurator tool at: http://bit.ly/1vN7FlO or download the mobile app from:
iPhone: http://bit.ly/1vN7HtO
Android: http://bit.ly/1vN7I14

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  1. nice advertising

  2. Покажите как? И я скажу своё – Да)

  3. I guess illegal parking is vogue now.

  4. Ahah ehee

  5. Haters gonna Hate

  6. 凎, 何必ㄌㄟwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. I have audi a4, everything broke in the car from engine to the passenger door that doesn’t open from inside, such a poor quality car.

  8. For the people commenting "it looks fake", of course it is. That riny lettering on bottom of screen reads "do not attempt", it’s a commercial.

  9. problem?

  10. If this is real, which I HIGHLY doubt! How did he climb the wall without damaging the car?

  11. Audi suck. Audi SUV double suck

  12. Jjaaaa,! Genio!!

  13. how is that cool ? 

  14. This looked really unrealistic, seems like video editing to me, he got onto the wall in like 1/2 a second after reversing.. 

  15. Some how I’m can see a kid watch this vid, think "Hey I wanna try," goes and try’s this with their parents car, failing and in the end we’ll just hear about a whole lot of angry ppl…
    This is just gonna be another "Peanut Butter Sandwich in the VCR Commercial Effect" -__-;;

  16. Why have to vee-dubs there?

  17. C’est qui, le patron ?!?

  18. Meanwhile, a BMW driver in the same garage just took up 2 spots with his used 335i.

  19. Vraiment bon! 🙂

  20. "Dramatization using a specifically prepared vehicle." Why when show it at all? A potential buyer will still not know, if he can do it or not. Simply useless.

  21. Audi sucks

  22. It’s narrow enough to park in that space on all four tires. For full truth in advertising the driver should’ve gotten out and manually opened the hatchback first since the power release is broken and it’s a 6 week wait for parts to come from Germany.

  23. واااااو خطيرة

  24. Would this be illegal?

  25. Ticket so fast…

  26. Because Quattro!!!

  27. He should of parked on top of those 2 ugly vehicles. Stupid VWs… I hate the fact that VW owns Audi.

  28. Audi sucks

  29. Heh, cute lil commercial, I like it~

  30. this is normall for moscow city

  31. Could do this any day with a Wrangler, no special effects needed…

  32. I thought Brands were supposed to advertise what their vehicles can really do. What’s next, an Ad of a Q3 that can fly?

  33. Like a boss

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