What Elon Musk Thinks of BMW’s Electric Car

Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) — Tesla, the electric-car company led by Elon Musk, rose as much as 18 percent after posting second-quarter results that surpassed analysts’ estimates on a surge in Model S sedan deliveries. Adam Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. That was the best way on NOT TO COMMENT POSITIVELY 😛
    I really leaned this awesome trick and it is mind blowing.
    No doubt elon is brilliant

  2. Why does this host have that smug look on his face the whole time?

  3. i8 was before i3

  4. How do you not understand the joke, Adam?

  5. Not to sound homophobic, but the journalist can suck cock.

  6. he can’t think much of it, but he can say: we coiped their prototype design.

  7. We wanted in on the joke, they haven’t got back to us yet… I’m sorry that you need Elon to explain to you the joke… I am kind of sure that he has got better things to do… you know, things like taking care of the real economy… instead of standing there talking bullshit

  8. It would be better if he’d take competition seriously – he wouldn’t be the first failing because of that. For Tesla to continue their sucess, they must keep ahead of other companies. As far as I know, Tesla is still not making money with their cars, BMW does…

  9. Corporate media at its finest, folks!

  10. Mocks hyperloop- 15 years later is using it to travel cross country

  11. Hi Hater

  12. *The Competition Was The Joke!!!!!*

  13. Elon is killing it right now, he’s literally laughing at the competition

  14. well lets be Honest, Teslas Model S blows that rinky dink i3 out of the water like a scud missile…

    3 times the range, 5 times the power, and 1000 times the looks

    better luck next time BMW

  15. AHHAHAHA I love Elon❤😂

  16. If the company was so innovative and forward thinking they would have had a convertible by now. Most of their vehicles are sold in California which makes sense.

  17. Elon is the "breaking bad’s Heisenberg" of the car companies

  18. Bmw 😷💩

  19. he is laughing because the BMW is ugly. he said there is room to improve…..I agree

  20. i think the host doesn’t get nerd humour. The i3 does look kinda quirky *giggles*

  21. actually, competitor is good..
    they’ll race to improve everything to make it better than the competitor.

    like Apple and Samsung.

  22. Who is the dumb ass presenter ?

  23. i hope chinese will make electric cars
    so that people can experience electric cars for only 10% of the actual price of tesla and bmw

  24. You dimwit, I hope you get run over by a Model S.
    (to the presenter, lol)

  25. let’s go to the moon first Elon  ,you are the one

  26. dont laugh elon cause the germans will fuck last!

  27. Elon’s like, electric milk box shaped car with 80 miles range and a BMW badge for $42,000 …. Save your money and wait 2-3 years.

  28. Model 3 is going to kill it in sales. And then they will come out with a cheaper tesla hopefully. I still think they are pieces of shits driven by cocksucking faggots. But they are killing it. Tesla fan YouTube commenters are also faggots.

  29. Tesla and BMWi don’t even make rival models. That would be like asking Rolls Royce what they think of MINI as a rival.

  30. Secret Space program anyone? Secret Antigravitic technology?

  31. Good work tesla and elon musk. Each being, and even material has infinite iq.

  32. this presenter is a wretched cunt

  33. who the fuck is laughing?

  34. Wouldn’t you like to interview the presenter now that a few years have passed? "So Sir on a scale of 1 to 10 how ridiculous do you think you were at that time euh? If you need a hintch it’s between 9 and 11… tic toc tic toc… take your time…" lol

  35. lol its funny how this guy took it to the heart. Elon doesnt have time to explain himself to you.

  36. what’s that stupid laugh ? ?


  38. there is so little grounded language in this video. fuck this reporter (or the persona he is portraying which, I’m assuming, represents the ideals of a larger company). all I hear is pointless emotional bullshit

  39. ……. They do realize that he published the patient for the hyperloop so that other people could innovate and develop it because he was too busy. Like he admitted that. I feel like Bloomberg doesn’t take this man seriously at all and thats fucking stupid.

  40. 0:37 I LIKE THE EVIL LAUGH!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  41. Elon Musk knows no one can give Tesla good competition. I would’ve but there’s very little chance I’ll get the funding I need to start building. So Tesla will be #1 until then. It’s been a long 15 years but I refuse to give up on my dream. My hat goes off to mister Musk.

  42. Funny guy.. First buries hydrogen and after all the other electric cars, except Tesla of course

  43. i dont think hyper loop is crazy , i think most of you are living in the fuckin stone age still , actually i think the elections prove a large percentage of us are to fucking stupid and or easily manipulated to even have/deserve an opinion …on almost anything LOL , and this isnt another trump bashing comment sorry, ur at the wrong tree bark somewhere else

  44. how many buy tesla?

  45. The technology used for BMW’s electric and hybrid cars is made by Toyota (the i8 is a Prius with a body kit).

  46. Elon is an ignorant arrogant tool

  47. BMW is partially owned by the oil industry, therefore it’s harder for them to make cheaper and more good-looking electric cars.

  48. Hey Musk, for now BMW has an electric car for masses under 40k ( huhuhhuhuhhuhhhuuhuh) Your 3 model is nowhere. … and the guy from Bloomberg is either on crack or simply not good enough working for Bloomberg. or maybe Bloomberg can’t find professionals and started to hire pretious retards.

  49. what competition

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