What’s it like to drive a Porsche PHEV? 2017 Porsche Cayenne S E Plug In Hybrid – FIRST DRIVE REVIEW

Intrigued by all the Plug In Hybrids he has been drivng in Season 7 thus far, MotoMan drives the Porsche take on the PHEV theme: The 2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Yes, it is a parallel plug in hybrid like BMW and others we have recently driven, however MotoMan focuses on the two main differences in this Cayenne: 1. It is an SUV and 2. It is a Porsche. Kumo helps demonstrate some of the key differences along the way . . .

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For more information, watch our 2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

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2017 Porsche Cayman S FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-x3wjVANUM

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MUSIC courtesy of Kevin MacLeod/incompetech.com & Jahzzar

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  1. The dog <3

  2. Sounds like a part of you is pining for that engine noise. These new hybrids are known for being quiet. In fact, I believe there was a lawsuit against the Toyota Prius because it was so quiet that pedestrians couldn’t hear it approaching.

  3. Would be interested to hear what combined mpg you got MotoMan compared to the claimed 80/90?

  4. what road is that with the view?

  5. Why do you need 4 huge exhaust pipes for a 3.0L V6 engine? Just because there is an "S" in its badge?

  6. Does Mahogany really have that kind of purplish hue in sunlight? I’ve never seen that in person. Is it the camera?

  7. This car just makes no sense. Then again I’d of said an porsche SUV made no sense 10 years ago. So hell what do I know.

  8. Why is it a v6 and not a flat 6?

  9. If an all electric Cayenne was at the same price point as a Model-X, then I’d have a hard time going with the Tesla.

  10. notifications done

  11. .

  12. I would not purchase ANY vehicle, short of a special use play toy, that limits its travel to 250 miles before recharging. I would need the flexibility to travel with my Cayenne – or any other vehicle that costs me $125,000 or more.

  13. $0

  14. $90k less. Throw it in the trash and buy the turbo s

  15. Gorgeous gorgeous view, seriously jealous of car people who live in L.A. 🙁

  16. great review! Awesome dog too 🙂

  17. I just picked up this exact car last Friday, 2017 Cayenne-S platinum hybrid could not agree more with your review. I was surprised by how integrated the electric system works with the gas engine. I also drove a standard Cayenne S and while I was just tooling around back roads and a short stretch of highway the performance was the same. While the hybrid system is a joke at 14miles of range the incentives Porsche offers on their hybrids makes them a very attractive option if you like this car.

  18. Nice dog. What’s the breed?

  19. which Toyota was he driving ?? that interior looks nice , must be that new small CUV the C-HR from toyota ?

  20. Being that across EU and creeping into the uk there is a war on diesel coming. i was looking to see if a petrol could relapse my diesel. And as of yet only the higher powered, lower efficacy petrols can hold a candle to diesels. The market is leaning more and more on crappy tiny petrol engines, 1L 3 cylinder, or 1.5l, and putting out big hp numbers, but never shout about the actual torque fingers, 200bhp for a 1.5 may sound good, but 200bhp with no torque is a usless 200 GG’s.

    Now a 1.5 petrol engine chucking out a modest 130bhp and small torque, but backed up with a motor, isn’t earth shattering, but it creates a diesel replacment power plant.

    Now we can argue all day about how dirty diesel is, or rather how much more dirty it is, and does that out with all the nasty stuff thst goes in to EV batteries etc. Personally I think we’re all getting mugged off, and diesels are fine, but it doesn’t matter what you or I think, it’s what the legislators and the markets think. And at the moment, the diesel is today’s bad guy at the moment and owning one in the foreseeable future is going to be a far less less attractive option.

    I can see a super quick "golf Re" on the horizon, 1.5 200bhp petrol unit with a motor giving it ALL the torque it needs. It will be a marketing exercise, to prove a small petrol/EV can be quicker than what the current 300bhp golf is, and it will be a bit more efficient to boot. Plus the R is more expensive so it can soak up the R&D, before it ends up in your (not you your, the royal your) 0.7litre 3cyl petrol / EV entry level Polo, that will be a little cut price pocket rocket.

    I came to this realisation while driving a really crappy Hyundai iconiq last week.

  21. 200 miles compare to 400 plus miles? give me 400…

  22. 2016 US sales
    Porsche Cayenne (all models ) 15383 (e-hybrid about 11% of that)
    Tesla Model X 18223
    Elon wins again

  23. i would pay 35K for this and for a full electric with good range 40K

  24. Nice to see you brought a friend on board! Great fun review. I have a 2011 Cayenne S since brand new, I love it for as a SUV. Now I checked only 12,600 miles on it. At the time, no discount. I hope they will make it more quiet on comfort mode like a S classe.

    To answer your question. I’m not keen on electric vehicles. I saw a line of Tesla waiting to be charge at the mall. People are sitting inside wasting time in the car to get charge up. I saw people changing diaper for baby, reading a book sitting in the car. Cover up windows and fcuking in the Tesla. Soon they will have their Tesla community meeting at the station, grocery shopping and family planning clinic at the Tesla charging station.

    I feel full electric cars would work well for me if there is a charging station have robot to swap battery for my vehicle. It takes same amount of time of filling the gas tank.

    Tesla is a perfect car for a non car enthusiasts. I preferred the sound of an engine, vibration and exhaust note. I enjoyed my GT3RS exhaust note, my hellcat power of a car.


  25. can’t figure out where to get notifications …

  26. I’d pay less for a full EV porsche. As a porsche without a porsche engine, is, well, just isn’t a porsche.

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