Why Google’s new self-driving cars could be the safest on the road

Google has been showing off its work on driverless cars for a few years now, but up until this week, these vehicles always used a human driver or two for backup. But all that has changed with the introduction of Google’s new, completely autonomous vehicle. The prototype car doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals, and passengers are buckled into what are essentially back seats. These cars aren’t street legal yet, but while regulators iron out the details of when and where they can drive, Google is intent on showing that automobiles are far safer without any input from us puny humans.

Google’s newest unit is purpose built for safety. The form factor means its cameras and sensors have no blind spots and can detect objects for 360 degrees and as far as 200 yards away. The electrical vehicle tops out at 25 miles per hour and has a front end built of soft foam, tweaks Google hopes will cushion any pedestrian struck head on by the car.

The company knows that its driverless cars will likely be a ripe target for scammers looking to sue Google, but its hoping that can be prevented by the array of cameras recording the vehicles every move. As Sebsatian Thru, the original inventor of Google’s driverless cars, told the New York Times, “…the big losers are going to be the trial lawyers.”

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  1. Can it do roundabouts?

  2. Legalize drinking and driving! Blow fly for president!

  3. and one swoop you would take away more jobs from more people but you want to keep was broke anyways


  5. wow

  6. Fuck Google. Fuck These Cars ! Ban Them Permanently ! They are Dangerous

  7. Trust your government to move your car for you? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… NOPE!

  8. 100% of car accidents are caused by GOVERNMENT ROADS!

  9. Mom! No hands!

  10. you can bet the trial lawyers and insurance companies got their lobbyist spreading money around to try and stop this…not to mention the revenue from speeding tickets, stop side and light running…

  11. There are wayyyyyyy way too many things that can break or fail in the driverless cars… What happens when your 360laser motor gets stuck or damaged while at 50mph? What happens when a camera breaks after 5000 miles because of potholes, speed bumps and careless owners. What happens when the computers have a glitch? What happens when the gps glitches? What happens is a deadly crash or a huge repair bill to fix the outdated computers or the worn out cameras or motors or whatever else. Doesn’t everyone else on earth hate cars for the simple fact that they constantly need to be maintained and when one thing doesn’t work, everything doesn’t work! Adding new, intricate, dangerous, systems to already complicated manually driven cars is just a terrible idea. And no I don’t want to EVER drive the speed limit. And yes I will 100% upgrade my self driving car illegally to go faster. These are all things that people WILL do out of our freedom. Plus kidnapping will be by hacking a car… Wtf

  12. the big losers are actually us.

  13. When I think about getting the most at of your dollar and efforts. This is a small step. Compared to the quantum leap that could be accomplished with vehicles. Hemp has been proven! To be 10 times stronger 30% lighter than steel. That would make the car stronger lighter and much more energy-efficient. As a added bonus. By using hemp we would be cleaning up our environment. We would be cleaning our air water in landscape. For Hemp rejuvenates and replenishes the soil after every harvest it can even be grown on soil that has been completely stripped and robbed of all its value. From overharvesting things like cotton and corn. I mentioned that it would clean up our air water in landscapes some of you may be puzzled by that. So I will explain. 1 acre of hemp. Produces 3 to 4 times the amount of oxygen as 1 acre of trees. As well as sucking in 3 to 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide as a acre of trees. Since it rejuvenates and replenishes the soil after every harvest. Knowing that common sense would suggest. if we grew it somewhere like on the shores of the Flint River in Michigan. It would clean the river at the same time making the shoreline better than ever. Hemp bile fossil fuel releases the same amount of carbon dioxide per mile as a person does when the exhale. Versus oil or gas. Which is a form of petrified death that releases tens of thousands of years of death. Per mile. Per car Those are just a couple examples of how fast we can improve our physical health at the same time creating more jobs than coal oil or gas or nuclear will ever be able to do. Because hemp can make 26,000 different things. Stronger lighter and cheaper than the way we currently make them. From our vehicles to our homes roads clothing so forth and so on. Life is very valuable stop wasting time. With all these inferior products made from petrified death. Promote life don’t encourage death. unless that’s when you are at your best. lol

  14. That’s nice and all, but can I race it at the drag?

  15. What if you want to run over someone?

  16. Before I buy this google self driving car, they must test it in the following countries: China and Indonesia/Vietnam. China is good to test what if all the other drivers do not observe the rules. Vietnam/Indonesia is a good test whether swarm of motorcycle will not jammed the sensor or overload its system….

  17. I wouldn’t own one if they were free. I use three gps units at same time sometimes and they don’t agree and if I followed them I would be in danger at times. I can’t wait till one of these jokes hit me so I can bring out my lawyers for the law suit. I guess if your brainless you might like this. No freaking way on earth will I ever get one maybe because I have extensive background in technology. Google can’t even fix youtube how on earth do you think they will fix this car.

  18. What worries me is that self-driving cars cannot improvise: they’re bound to the rules that the programmers gave them.
    If another driver makes an unpredictable mistake, then how does the car cope with this? The cars have been involved in accidents, and recently a driver got injured after a collision with a self driving car, but all these accidents were caused by the human driver. Obviously an accident that is caused by a human is not caused the self-driving car, but could some of these accidents have been prevented if a human was driving?

  19. OMG!!!
    I want one… 😀 
    Technology Rules….!!!!!

  20. :0 This is pretty impressive.

  21. cool car

  22. looks like a death trap

  23. I want one drenched in pink lol 💖🚘


  25. The thing about idealistic ventures is that you can always see how they will finally end up and what a waste of time and resources they ultimately will be.  After the first fatality caused by one of these ridiculous self driving vehicles, the entire concept of a self driving car, and any projects involving them, will cease immediately and permanently.  

  26. Yes!

  27. Its nice and innovative but im a petrolhead so its just another prius like car

  28. The first Taxi company, and Truck company using self driving vehicules will save thousands of dollars replacing the driver by a machine. Then they will be able to charge far less than the human competence, and the market will turn eventually all the money into these tecnologies. The good: Distribution prices will go lower, and then the goods should be cheaper at the store (if they still are phisical) or the transportation to your house. The bad: Less low tech jobs. I’m a software engineer and I always welcome progress. But we need to plan not only the tech change, but the social/economic impact as well.

  29. I wonder how these will handle in ice.

  30. This is terrible

  31. Wow!…Birlliant! You can eat, text, call, and probably…can I sleep while driving? lol! Great Google invention…

  32. Saving lives
    Great job

  33. Prototypes are out! ~ O.o

  34. Don’t drink and drive, just drive and drink. Because its a Google Car

  35. I really love driving and i enjoy the interaction between man and machine, PLEASE dont take that away from me by FORCING this crap onto me ! Just because other people suck at driving does not make me a worthless driver ! And what if the tech fails and the damn thing shuts down ? Then you are going to be just another helpless passenger locked inside a plastic egg on wheels whith NO control over the situation, or they could be hacked which allready is a problem with todays vehicles ! The more computerised things get the more vulnerable they become ! BMW – SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE !!!

  36. This is a golf cart with cameras- it’s for the elderly. It’s not going to sell very well to real auto enthusiasts who love muscle cars

  37. unbelievable

  38. I like to drive my car thanks, that’s the whole point of owning your own vehicle. You get to go where you want, how you want and when you want.

  39. This so reminds me of the cars from Demolition Man! 

  40. Self driverless cars will be good for driver’s that just love the bottle too much. 

  41. It musnot be necessary but it is good thing for bad drivers.

  42. What happens if the systems get hacked and you are driven over a cliff ?

  43. why could you place the censor also on the bottem of the car to decrese the chances of accidents

  44. So they are recording everything your doing 24/7

  45. i imagine only million airs could afford these or really rich people if they had some £1,000,000 or maybe if they are lucky they might just happen to be walking near a shop that sells them with £500,000 handy in there pockets

  46. Google can take their creepy vision of Autopia and shove it.

  47. oh man now whenever i get drunk I can get a free ride round the city to sober up then back home! ahaha

  48. I can’twait for these things.

  49. Americans do not like to drive. So self driving cars are desirable. I would not like to touch a car with automatic transmission with a 10 foot pole, let alone a self driving car. Driving a car is fun and enjoyable and I would not want a computer to do it for me.

  50. in about 20 years car accidents would be a historical

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