World-first Reverse April Fool’s Day joke by BMW.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if something that sounded too good to be true actually turned out to be real – especially on April 1? For one New Zealander, daring to dream big on April Fool’s Day paid off handsomely this morning.
#nofool #nzbmw

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  1. Good work gob bless you

  2. Interesting marketing technique. I hate April fools day, but this really put a smile on my face.

  3. great stuff!

  4. Lesbians? Shit who cares! For all we know dey best friends or 1st cuzzy. Black or white wat fucktwits! Tax? We’n NZ! Nice 1 BMW!

  5. Time zone difrences

  6. staged… maybe who drives off with the camera still in the car? "omg we won a car"

  7. Uploaded on March, 31th??

  8. tom uses google glass right

  9. Who is the lovely looking receptionist? – I would like to marry her!

  10. How do you run an "April 1st giveway" on April 1st, then film it on April 1st, then upload the video on March 31st?
    Doesn’t add up, but I liked the video.

  11. You know. I bet they didn’t even read it properly and actually thought it was real anyway.

  12. Holy shit…!!!! Tom let me have one of those bmw…!!!! 😀

  13. Просто русский комментарий, продолжайте…

  14. Published on Mar 31, 2015

  15. Well Thank god this kind of joke will never happen here,and I won’t buy the joke for sure.Because trade in my good old(aged) march for a brand new BMW??? I must be mad to do that kind of thing.
    (Think about the tax.the fueling money,the service bill,and most importantly(for me),the body(face,look..etc).
    If you already have a GF(or wife) who you really like(both the figure and personallty),will you just dump her for a younger girl that you just met and doesn’t anything about?Will,I don’t think so,this is how relationship between BF and GF works,and so as for the relationship between the owner and the car)

  16. Im from NZ and I can gurantee it is real!!! This was on the national news and talk shows. Its real. There is a auction on trademe (online local nz trading site) for her old car where BMW will donate the profits to charity.

  17. fantastico lo de BMW 🙂

  18. Brown

  19. lol its so easy to steal new mercedes cars. break the windows and press the button

  20. What if I rocked up in my new Audi S3? I would never swop it for a 1 series!!!! Not even a 135

  21. an honest car dealer 🙂 quite a surprise and glad that they took the risk of being made to look a fool

  22. Nice advertise BMW well done …

  23. play games dum ass

  24. Watch them do it next year and just make fun of whoever comes in and does it

  25. She will sale the car and buy a new affordable car for her…

  26. кажется они лесбиянки 😀

  27. W0W!!!

  28. Awesome! 

  29. Of course they had to be lesbians….

  30. Than the next day a repo company comes and takes the vehicle and says it was an april fools joke you idiot

  31. All these people saying "oh they gave a BMW to idiots, that’s dumb" or "that’s stupid" Lol well these two ladies now have a BMW and you don’t. You don’t know them or their problems, just be happy for them FFS 🙂

  32. Yeah and then they had to pay for taxes, more taxes, interest rates, and insurance..

  33. So they gave the car to people who were too stupid to get the joke….
    Fuck you BMW NZ. You should have sold the car and given the money to ANY charity you fucking-useless-cunts.

  34. ok real or not, let’s say its real, ok they got a free bmw , great, right,How in the world can they afford to insure this car, to gas up this car, to get a oil change, change brakes, etc….???

  35. plot twist

  36. Great now the new car consumes way too much fuel, they can’t afford it, have to sell it, rebuy the old one.


  38. Well done BMW, well done.

  39. BMW…NAZI

  40. lol once i won the car i’d sell it straight back to them. get a better car, worth driving.

  41. This was just too awesome! It put a big smile on my face!


  42. I would appreciate that car way more than those dike looking bitches

  43. lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. shame she will never unleash the full power of that car and even if she did, somehow,  she wouldnt know how to handle it

  45. plottwist: The lesbians have oral sex in the bmw. Now the bmw is no virgin anymore

  46. Goes to show, they so kak that they’re literally giving them away!

  47. What !
    Do that in vancouver bc ..
    I love bmw’s so much !
    I wanna own nothing but bmws .. i already had 2 …amazing commercial ♡

  48. This made me smile!

  49. I like to waching

  50. OMG. A Young Maori given a new BMW  to drive around in Auckland !! I give the car a month to be either Thrashed/Smashed or nicked (

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