WRX STI vs BMW M4 snow tow (summer tires AWD vs winter tires RWD)

Lets be clear here, this is a pointless video, we are just messing around showing how 2WD with winter tires are almost as good as 4WD with summer tires in the snow.

The reason why it is front to front is because the BMW tow hock is stronger on the front.
Don’t take this too seriously of course.

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  1. wow the m4 is one tough bastard 😀

  2. So, you hit dry pavement negating the benefit of the winter tires. Go farther north and test it there.

  3. turn the bmw around it would make a massive difference

  4. fatal

  5. 駆動式を考えろしかも何故にバックなのだ後ワイヤーの位置だ

  6. Subaru best

  7. I’m not sure putting summer tires in the snow proves anything……so winter tires in the snow are better than summer tires in the snow. Got it.

  8. It’s only me or the tires of BMW looks really deteriorated? I mean they don’t have any curves left, they are flat in the middle

  9. if you think AWD can save you from buying winter tires, you are clearly an idiot.
    AWD + Winter tires brings you nearly everywhere.

  10. Should’ve titled this vid ‘how to destroy a BMW dual clutch gearbox’

  11. I am sure that the BMW pressed the brake, because never with RWD could not make it stop such subaru

  12. Sbaroo sti is a solid snow car

  13. BMW is typically heavier than a tin can Subaru. You get what you pay for.

  14. *Dumb test*

  15. 何がしたいのか分からん…

  16. Before I watch the vid, I’m going with the BMW with rwd with winter tires

  17. And that is how myth about subaru is finally busted. Lol if AWD Subaru with its famous awd that fans scream and lick their snots about can’t do nothing with RWD Bimmer lol, imagine what will X-drive bimmer do to a subaru lol

  18. its not really a test of RWD if the M4 is reversing …
    the car would drive like a FWD while reversing and thus not show the same properties we would have expected a RWD car driving forwards
    maybe redo the test and have both drive forwards in opposite directions

  19. Duelo de Gigantes !!!

  20. m4 is op m2 would be better

  21. interesting…

  22. This is the comparison basically. A 160lb guy using arms/legs covered in oil vs 230lb guy using only his legs no oil and make this on tile. Neither cars convincingly won. That says a shit ton about subaru in the snow.

  23. i believe weight made the difference

  24. BMW is 340 kg heavier than subaru. It explains all

  25. I like THE SUBARU. who’s with me?

  26. I wonder if the M would do better if they faced away from each other since weight would transfer to the rear

  27. Do not waste your time, watch from 0:57

  28. yalan

  29. vds evs korto

  30. why is he twisting so much the subaru, and where I live a lot of people carry a bag of sand in the trunk in the winter if they drive a rwd

  31. This is 425hp (m4) v.s 305 hp in the subie. Considering that, awd wins.

  32. when you reverse rwd becomes fwd

  33. Dumbass says four wheel drive

  34. Vai a lavorare!!!!!

  35. next time try this in a road full of motul 0w30 synthetic oil with 10years old pirelli tires!!

  36. hey i have great idea. Lets but those 2 cars against Leopard 2 and see who wins!

  37. Actual this compares AWD to FWD.
    Bring them together Back to Back, than you have RWD according to direction of driving.

  38. BMW RWD are the cars i’ve seen in snow. Even a Mustang with all season tires do better.

  39. cool video! good that you mention tires – as once again proven by this video, much is in the tires, not all though

  40. Suzuki racecars

  41. BMW was eating a live LOL

  42. u said Subaru wrong but cool video

  43. che rembambic…

  44. What a bullshit !!!

  45. subaaaru (sheep) why can’t you say subaru

  46. Well, looks like a power duel in the snow, almost pointless video

  47. I’m suprised the front number didn’t rip off from both of the cars

  48. Actually its not even AWD had the advantage in its own turf thus BMW WINS!!

  49. Butthurt Subaru owners lmao

  50. You have proved nothing making this video.

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