YG doing donuts in Porsche 911 | Camaro catches fire @ Crenshaw Takeover – Burnout Compilation

Camaro catches fire Crenshaw Takeover Sunday funday – Burnout Compilation

Crenshaw takeover birds eye view

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  1. if you didn’t know that was ygs Porsche how do I know he said it was lit in LA on that side show in the streets and one of his cars he has is a porch red

  2. I know porsches aren’t the easiest to slide but man YG needs some more time behind the wheel lmfaooooooo

  3. this is some dumb shit but i cant stop watching it

  4. Lmao I wanna race too

  5. I wish the Cadillac hit a few guys lol. That one dude that sprinted across the lot

  6. It’s live in LA

  7. who’s got water 😅

  8. Thats a good way to dick your door pins. What a wild car scene, surprised no one gets hurt and arrested lol

  9. it should be a standard to carry a gallon of water in the trunk while doing donuts

  10. CTS-V’s will always put on a good show

  11. YO YOO ! We up ere mayn !

  12. that Porsche b yg

  13. 🍩"s

  14. This must be the town that bought all of the used camaros.

  15. Did I just see that Porsche do the stanky leg ?

  16. after the Porsche did its burn out,somebody said he got to sell his whole house to get that fixed.. that was funny.😁😂😂

  17. hell yea Compton and Main that’s the spot to show those skills lol good shit bro luv our city💯💯

  18. Craigslist be like adult owned

  19. I hate g37 drivers. They act fucking retarded trying to race every time anywhere, your g37 with exhaust and MAYBE a tune isn’t going to out run a c63 but yet you fucking faggots act like your in fast n furious trying to race my c63. Wtf I don’t understand it

  20. Fuck that facken lame @3:32. fucken paisa!
    Fuck you too nigga!
    East LA up in this bitch! 💯

  21. where the takeover tonight?

  22. Dumbasses running infront cars coming so close and what’s up with them opening doors?

  23. Dope video!

  24. that Cadillac killed it 🔥🔥

  25. When I come back to cali I need to hit this scene up

  26. fucking idiots close calls

  27. Wait how the hell is this taking place in an intersection?

  28. at 3:57 tht nigga hella fckin fast😂😂😂

  29. I think that first g37 actually got caught doing donuts by the cops and he tried running and ended up crashing check it out!

  30. thats the type of night I didn’t want to fucking miss

  31. Can someone tell the fag in the white Cadillac that he’s not anymore cool because he opened his door. In fact, it makes his more of a fag.

  32. lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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