Your vagina is not a car: Clementine Ford at TEDxSouthBankWomen

Clementine shares her perspective on rape culture. She is a strong believer in talking about rape culture, even if this makes people feel uncomfortable. She believes people being uncomfortable talking about rape culture, is much better than being complacent about it.

You can follow Clem on Twitter at (@clementine_ford) https://twitter.com/clementine_ford

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  1. Funny…we have laws against rape. The congo, saudi arabia, pakistan etc don’t have laws that really protect women. Of course this speaker could give a shit cause things are just as bad for women here right??? Bullshit!

  2. I love the way ugly as sin, obese, loud mouths always talk about rape. Seriously – no one would want to have sex with you Clementine if you BEGGED them.

  3. If you need proof that rape culture is real, read the comments.

  4. "Oh sorry! I forgot women weren’t suppose to shit!" πŸ˜‚ go girl

  5. A fat and ugly feminist. Real shocker there.

  6. Lol this is the funny shit I ever watched

    I should tell my mum grandma all my aunties and cousins that because they are female they will be victims of rape because society has normalised it now and as females they are now victims and that instead of protecting themselves from crazy unsafe people like they have always done but to accept they live in a rape culture where consent is the only protection they need instead of the self defence training that was taught to them by our grandfather. he taught all of us because it was some societal construct that they are weak so need these skills to protect themselves instead of self defence is an important skill that all should have that can be implemented in many situations to protect oneself. And let them know that alleged and allegedly has a knew definition that means guilty if your a male. And let them know that personal accountability common sense realistic understanding of the world and situations is not a thing you longer can comprehend AND to never let them forget they are oppressed victims with no opinions of there own because of the patriarch and if they don’t share the same belief systems opinions attitudes as this Feminist they are basically men and anti woman.

  7. tee hee: "shame cave"… now I want to figure out situations where I can use that…

  8. All I hear is pennis into a vagina. What about men’s that are abused by women? What about children that are rapped by women? This is all BS from a feminist that all the problems in the world are because men exist. You know what? Women are to blame! All of us men, are born and raised by you. If many families, moms and dads really educate their kids in the proper way probably there were much less sexual assault BY BOTH GENDERS! All feminists for me are just men haters and are all lesbian, or they look like. I am sorry for the lesbian and gay communities that have huge respect for sex and other people, because this kind of shit talk by a women that talks about rape is all about men. Pure BS.

  9. What a Hippo . Clean your tooth gap whinger .

  10. Every derogatory response by men here proves the entire premise of this talk. Men hate women who have the audacity to call them on their misogyny. The privilege and entitlement runs deep.

  11. While I am a strong advocate for modesty, I am also a rabid fan of self-control. Just because one person might have made certain choices does not put others at liberty to use it to shame, and or violate them.

  12. Ugh Clementine Ford. This idiot is a stain on Australian Journalism.

  13. Ugh liberals need help. Just leave the left and join the middle. Ughhhhh

  14. "Rape culture" is the serious belief that women are designed to control all sexual activity with their ego whilst demanding that men take all the physical, mental, emotional, financial, and legal risks of engagement, rejection, communicating, and every other part of sex… and men (the need-based consumers) shall be relegated to desperate consumers of whatever women offer on a silver platter. If there are any women left in the West with an adult level of maturity and no artificially derived sense of entitlement, they’re completely silent and hiding. Remember who made this species what it is, ladies. It was not you. You’re still trying to catch up. Remember that when you are forced to choose between all your MANmade creature comforts, and one last taste of MANmade delusion that you are essentially the same as men.

  15. She’s not anti-man, she’s anti-bad behavior and the mindset that there is something ok about rape, which is also done to men and doesn’t get reported. It’s the fact that rape is done by men and a very small number of women. So separate it out. How many times have you laughed at the idea of a woman being raped or said that she needs a good f..k? Known a man who bragged about sex with a woman who didn’t want it? That’s rape culture. It is behavior that all men can address with each other while thinking about their daughters and mothers and sisters and grandmothers. It affects you even if you don’t do it because it affects the women you love.

  16. There is no such thing as "rape culture", yes women get raped and it’s bad, but also men get raped, and its fact that more men are abused on domestic abuse cases, also men’s suicide rates are much higher then women’s. You fuckin feminists are so dumb, you accuse us men of raping you just by offering to help you (carry bags to car, etc), women can literally ruin a mans life by even just accusing a man of rape even if he doesn’t get convicted, especially if he is isn’t, get it through your fat ugly heads, men aren’t out to get you

  17. In the old old days…real men had clubs…and when they saw a girl they liked…they just bopped her on the head and dragged her back to their cave for some fun…They dragged them by the hair because by the feet would fill them with gravel…
    After the fun was over,men would trade them to a buddy for a couple of goats…or a camel if they were real real pretty…those were Very Bad Men!
    Today we call them Politicians…and most lawyers…and a few Dentists…and one or two church leaders…and well…
    I kind of miss the old days sometimes…

  18. Rape culture exists in parts of Africa and the Middle East. (maybe more places too) It is not a part of western culture. Those who are a part of rape are considered the lowest of the low.

    Using the term rape culture is deeply insulting to men and society as a whole. It is using language to create an impact, but not to reflect reality.. Most of the issues lumped in with that term are simply NOT rape. That is why the term "rape culture" is so offensive. Furthermore, that term implies that pretty much ALL men are rapists. Gee, and you wonder why nobody outside your gender studies program takes you seriously.

    Mr Tosh was NOT advocating rape. He was making a point. HIs point was simple. Rape is rape. Other things are other things. He was using the notion of real rape to point this out, to highlight the difference between his joke and actual rape, since this woman did not quite seem to see the difference.

    Things like slut shaming, cat calling, etc., are real issues and they need to be addressed. But when people start calling them part of "rape culture" people just tune them out Personally, when i hear someone talking about rape culture in the west, I conclude that person is stupid and probably has a lot of anger towards men that she has failed to handle. Using the term "rape culture" works against the long term interests of women and society as a whole..


  20. It should be taken into consideration that there are more than a few women who falsely accuse men of rape, which makes it even harder for the true victims to find justice and therefore perpetuates rape culture. I feel like too many people disregard that.

  21. I confuse the two things all the the time! Thank you for clearing that up.

  22. what an amazing speaker you are. You go ahead and take up however much space you want, you gorgeous, gutsy woman! …especially if you’re going to keep making room for the rest of the dancers on the dance floor, echoing the underheard voices in the room. You go, you! Please, keep sharing your awesomeness, and keep talking and listening. Thank you.

  23. Sounds like an emotional autistic brain dead vindictive depressed individual. Hope you get some help girl

  24. women rape too ok but you want to use virgina for politics

  25. god damn she’s so amazing! go clementine!


  27. don’t worry clementine.. something you’ll never have to worry about.. unless the zoo leaves the gate open and the gorillas get out.. but even then
    .. maybe

  28. Wow! A fat, ugly broad with trashy tattoos all over her bitching about "rape culture". She’s only pissed because no man will rape her fat feminist ass.

  29. Regret isn’t rape.

  30. you are creating your own culture to push feminist agenda

  31. There is No Such thing has RAPE CULTURE………..FATHERS and BROTHERS and RELATIVES are Not FOOLS WATCHING Such Things HAPPENS ……….

  32. learn martial arts, a rapist is still a human with weak spots you can exploit without superior strengt, the groin is always a good target and takes away the enimys primary weapon.

  33. Nothing says ‘we live in a rape culture’ like when your reputation can be ruined from being accused of rape. /s

    Yes, because apparently in Australia, we all go around hi-fiving rapists.

  34. Why are women doing so much porn, not in the least where men dominate them, if they want equally and respect?

  35. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  36. Try some openness around the subject rather than taking it personally. She didn’t name you or anyone else. Listen with an open mind and think of the women you love while you do.

  37. If everybody was like Clementine Ford there would be no rape……

  38. We men have so much entitlement to space and safety we are 97% of work place deaths and the only ones to get sent off to war. You are a delusional psychotic professional gender victim. Youre so full of shit you should be locked up with that man hater Julie Bindel. Due process is part of the same law that makes rape illegal so go f-k yourself. You are a fascist misandrist androphobe. Your hatred for men, your psychotic drivel, your insane delusional paranoia makes me believe you must hear voices and need to be medicated. Go to an insane asylum and stay there, you have no place in a sane world.

  39. This chick has no worries at all of ever being raped. Ironic that it is fat and ugly girls that harp on about rape culture, because i am 100 percent certain she is not speaking from experience.

  40. +karen straughan Why are you being so needlessly defensive? Feminism champions equal rights for all, including those who are more vulnerable to, and do face, discrimination. Yes, sexism and patriarchy do exist. An example or a symptom of this: 2017 reveals poor corporate governance in S&P 500 companies, where only 19.9% of board seats were occupied by women, and an abysmal 5.8% of CEOs were women. (Catalyst. Pyramid: Women in S&P 500 Companies. New York: Catalyst, March 1, 2017.)
    I’m not going to go into why this is bad news for women, the companies themselves and other stakeholders all around, for precisely the reason Clementine didn’t touch on other groups affected by rape culture; I need to keep this reply focused so that I can hone in on your ignorant and/or deluded ass.

    On your first shoddy point, you are purposefully vindictive when you choose to deliberately derail the speaker’s point of view; how can you even begin to insinuate that she doesn’t feel that a woman’s vagina belongs to her? She’s giving a talk about rape culture! How it’s debilitating, and the somber consequences of it, which is why it needs to stop. Can you reconcile your screwy logic then, when you say she doesn’t feel that a woman should have a right to her own body and that her vagina doesn’t belong to her? Of course she knows a woman has complete autonomy over her own body! Of course she knows women have the only say to their own body. But, it feels inherently strange and wrong to label your body as your property. You’re invoking a highly controversial proposition by even likening dominion over one’s body to property rights. Some time ago, though the times were infinitely crueller then, slavery existed. Enough said. Now we move on to prostitution, do most people treat and trade their body the way they would their property? Would you?
    To be an autonomous individual implies a network of rights, as we see in the Human Rights Act 1998. We cannot totally alienate our human rights from our "bodily rights", whatever that may entail, because we cannot separate our psyche, our conscience, our souls, from our vessels or bodies. To be human is to be inextricably tied to our vessels or bodies, whether whole or less than. So really, our birth right to autonomy, now enshrined in legislation, goes further than mere property rights. Please, stop it. Please.

    The speaker never said she condones, or concurs with, the historical legal definition of rape. You mentioned a lower burden of proof within college campuses. This looks like a hastily assembled mechanism deployed by the Department of Education, a mechanism I disagree with, and is already getting much flak from the legal sphere. In the judicial realm, the standard of proof is still one of, "beyond reasonable doubt". Indeed, there may be compelling evidence to suggest that a rape had taken place, but the accused walks free because the evidence may be seen to fall just shy of the "reasonable doubt" standard.
    Also, I don’t know why you sounded suspiciously crusty when you pointedly pointed out that the law does the opposite of encouraging rape; yes, I’m happy the law discourages rape. The law works…that is, substantively. Substantively, our rights and entitlements all look air tight, but in reality, the procedural part of making a rape report is a nightmare. And the nightmare lasts for a little longer than one fitful night; the 2013 publication of "An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales" done up by the Ministry of Justice, Home Office & the Office for National Statistics, page 47 informs us that in 2011, it took an average of 722 days since the offence of the rape until the completion of the case. I’m not saying this is wrong or that I know of a better solution, just that it’s complicated, sad and that you should be more respectful and empathetic to all sides.

    We’re not telling women to be scared that everyone is a potential rapist. Rape just happens a lot, and it is a scary thing. You should Google "rape anxiety", it’s a thing. I just learnt about it. Also, I’m out of steam getting all upset by you when really I put you in the camp of, heretical. You don’t even reference any sources in your post, so for my next statement, Google the veracity of this; the majority of perpetrators, By Far, are men known to the victim. Not everyone is a potential rapist, no, but why don’t people use that same logic and clear headedness when talking about murderers and thieves? The statistics pertaining to female rape victims are staggering; in some countries, they’re far worse than whatever sunshine rainbow land you come from. No one is telling women to be afraid of every single man in their life, you just made that up, we’re just aware of the facts and the numbers. It’s not unfathomable to cherish our lives.

    You’re crazy! Happy Belated International Women’s Day.

  41. and if it was yours would be a very bad investment


  43. My rapist will never see justice because of rape culture. I have to live with that every day for the rest of my life. They will never be charged because we were dating when it happened. They will never be charged because I knew them. They will never be charged because I was in a poly relationship at the time and was a "slut."

    Please, be conscious about rape and rape culture and similar things.

  44. This chick desperately needs to get laid
    Quick someone "rape" her before her pussy permanently solidifies and she turns to stone

  45. I’m a 20 year old guy and I don’t have the balls to even give a woman a peck on the lips or even tell her she’s pretty. Somehow I feel like it’d make "that one creepy guy who wants to rape". I know more guys who are scared to talk to girls than guys who try to "spit game" at most girls hoping they get laid. Nah. Women aren’t worth it anymore. They want out of the traditional gender roles but think men should embrace their gender roles. Women seem to think calling them cute is some sort of sexual harassment nowadays. I’ll just stick to my right hand; it can never accuse me of rape.

  46. So many people explaining why this woman is wrong, rape is considered the worst crime and "listen and believe" is already being abused. Yet these people are being called sexist misogynist rape apologists by idiots that are proving that rape culture, like patriarchy and the wage gap, exist only in the warped confines of their own imagination…

  47. Within male culture there exists an extraordinarily powerful ANTI-RAPE CULTURE. A man who rapes a woman is considered a loser, because he must take by force what he cannot earn through a song, a sonnet, an act of talent or athleticism. Honestly, how are these feminists allowed to just make this shit up and slander the entire male gender?!?

  48. This World is DOG EAT DOG……..Like the ELITE FOOL YOU To BUY USELESS PRODUCTS makes TheM WEALTH you BEcome POOR and KEPT in FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS that You cannot ESCAPE……………

  49. Well funny thing is MEN GET RAPED MORE THEN WOMAN!! IF U DIDN’T KNOW More men are raped in the U.S. than woman, according to figures that include sexual abuse in prisons. In 2008, it was estimated 216,000 men inmates were raped or sexually assaulted while serving time, according to the Department of Justice figures. That is compared to 90,479 female rape cases outside of prison.

  50. Rape rape rape is women politics to control men.

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